Mastery Empowerment Course: Arcturian Hidden Realities Transmission

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Gene's Latest Arcturian Transmissions


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All of reality is alive with consciousness.  Also, within our midst are teeming other universes, parallel worlds, and spiritual beings.  Yet we are not always aware or able to communicate with these other levels of reality.  This training, series of transmissions, practical exercises, and group discussions are meant to assist us in opening up our abilities to communicate with energy and information exchange to all levels and realities and beings.  The training is divided into three sections with a 50 minute transmission, a set of practical exercises to communicate with other levels of realities, and group discussion.  The transmission is meant to exchange energy and information with the Divine, Our Guides, and the Arcturians to help open up our channels of energy and consciousness to allow for this more conscious communication and awareness to these different planes of existence and the beings that inhabit these planes.  Below is a description of the training for each day.

Day 01-Working with Stellar Contact.  This first day of training is meant to open up our awareness to inter-dimensional contact with star beings and families.  Many people are aware or dimly aware of this connection.  We will be going over how to make contact with Extra-Terrestrial Beings, doing a group contact meditation during the session, and receiving downloads in the transmission to open up these lines of communication.  The group discussion will go over different people’s experiences which will enhance our trust and knowing of our own experiences with these realities.

Day 02-Working with Our Guides, Inner World Spiritual Teachers, and Those Who Have Departed.  We know we have an internal guidance team.  They say in shamanism that if you have lived to adulthood, regardless if you believe and know who your spiritual guides are, you have been helped by spiritual guides to survive the challenges to that point.  Here we will be learning how to do shamanic journeying as a tool to contact all levels of realities with the specific purpose to make ourselves consciously aware of our inner guidance team.  The transmission will help us to open up these lines of communication and improve our shamanic journeying skills in order to make this type of communication accurate and easy.  The group discussion will center around how our guides have helped us in the past and shown themselves to be real and there to help us.

Day 03-Working With Parallel Universes.  In this final session, we will explore how uncounted universes are amidst our physical universe right here and now.  In our midst at a different frequency are other planes and universes of existence.  How are we to access these various planes, dimensions of consciousness, and universes?  In this final transmission we will be opening up our levels of consciousness and awareness specifically to parallel worlds and realities.  We will learn the quantum technique to work with our parallel selves and future awakened self.  Our group discussion will be to share any dreams that have been incubated in the past two nights of this training that indicate parallel realities that we can access in the dream state.  We will also go over techniques to induce the out-of-body state that we can do to continue to improve and practice journeying to these parallel realities.

These are on-line training sessions.  When you register you will be sent a link for a pdf file of the Zoom on-line information.  Everyone who registers will be part of the group energy field and receive the energy even if you cannot make the live sessions.  Everyone who registers will receive the mp3 recordings of the session.

Cost: $97

Enjoy this Bonus with this Course

Bonus: Arcturian Healing Method Master Class Series 8: The Zermatt 7 Golden Lion Transmissions

3 Sessions in Home-Study Audio Downloads (approx 2 hours ea)


Join Gene Ang in this 3-part series of frequency transmissions with the Arcturian Healing Frequencies plus the new frequencies from the starship sightings in Zermatt, Switzerland in February 2018.  These are new frequencies to be received and unpacked within us and also more frequencies from the Arcturians, Metatron and Melchizedek.

Three consecutive sessions about two hours each.

Zermatt 7 Golden Lion Transmissions
The following on-line healing retreat will be the first in a series of transmissions coming from the Inter-dimensional Beings that appeared in Zermatt, Switzerland (home of the Matterhorn) as light craft to Gene and three other people during February 2018.  The Beings behind these appearances look like Golden Lions in the inner world and will be referred to as the Zermatt 7 Golden Lion Beings.
These 7 transmissions correspond to the 7 power ups of light seen during the light craft sighting.  These power ups transfer a tremendous amount of packed energetic information to people who view them.  In the on-line healing retreat we will be experiencing the download of all 7 transmissions.  The first day we will experience two transmissions, followed by two more on the second day, and three on the third day of the on-line healing retreat.
Below is a summary of each transmission:
1) Transmission 1-focusing on a Galactic Red Vibration and emphasizing development of the root chakra.
2) Transmission 2-focusing on a Galactic Orange Vibration and emphasizing development of the sacral chakra.
3) Transmission 3-focusing on a Galactic Yellow Vibration and emphasizing development of the solar plexus chakra.
4) Transmission 4-focusing on a Galactic Green Vibration and emphasizing development of the heart chakra.
5) Transmission 5-focusing on a Galactic Blue Vibration and emphasizing development of the throat chakra.
6) Transmission 6-focusing on a Galactic Indigo Vibration and emphasizing development of the third eye chakra.
7) Transmission 7-focusing on a Galactic Violet Vibration and emphasizing development of the crown chakra.
The purpose of all seven transmissions is to accelerate your consciousness and make it more galactic, multi-dimensional, and multi-universal.  These transmissions will also help you to connect to your other parallel lives in simultaneous dimensions and universes.  Supporting each session during the on-line healing retreat will be use of advanced Arcturian Healing Method frequencies to prepare and then integrate your system to these high voltage and galactic frequencies.