Mastery Empowerment Course: Arcturian FOPO Transmissions

Mastery Empowerment Course: Gene's Latest Arcturian Transmissions


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FOPO is an acronym coined by Michael Gervais, PhD; a high performance psychologist, for Fear of Other People’s Opinions about us.  In order to perform and live our lives at their very best we need to let go of excessive worry and concern about what others think about us and how we pursue our lives, dreams, and goals.  This Mastery Empowerment course will focus on getting to the root of this hard-wired need for approval, release these energetic patterns, and replace them with focus on our core values and capacities.  The transmissions and discussions will also help us make that switch where we are value oriented and guided and not other oriented or guided.

The course will focus on three one hour transmissions spread over the three meetings.

  1. Dissolving the FOPO Energetic Information Patterns-Here we ask the Divine, Our Guides and Teachers, the Arcturians, Our Holy Guardian Angel, and Our Higher Self to dissolve those energetic information patterns that lead to fear of other’s opinions about us.  These are deeply ingrained patterns that are hard-wired for biological and social acceptance of the group or tribe.  We also dissolve these patterns at more multi-dimensional levels such as emotional approval, mental reward, karmic links, and past life tendencies towards this outer approval for our self worth.
  2. Installing the Energetic Patterns That Focus On Our Core Values-After dissolving the patterns of outer approval, we ask for the assistance to download the conscious awareness of our core values and intentions for our life.  We focus on choosing and manifesting these values into all dimensions of reality regardless if others approve or not.  We learn to contribute fully with love and confidence of who we are and the bright light that we bring to the world.
  3. Flipping the Switch-Here we ask for the Divine, Our Guides and Teachers, the Arcturians, Our Holy Guardian Angel, and Our Higher Self to assist us in making that definitive action where we consciously choose how we will show up in the world on our terms.  We no longer embrace the “prey” character but move towards the “predator” character.  The predator gets what it wants.  We then transcend all characters and begin to live in our divine presence as an emanation of the Divine Light.

In addition to the transmissions, each session will go over core principles in how to acknowledge our need for approval from outside sources, the strategies to overcome this need, the awareness of more internal levels of approval, and the techniques to carry this out in our daily life and in high pressured situations that challenge us to show up to the next level.  We also go over how to selectively choose our mentors and advisors who can give us honest and encouraging feedback based on our core values, goals, intentions, and self-worth.

Everyone who registers will be included in the energy of the event.  Mp3 audio and Mp4 video recordings will be provided to all participants.

Enjoy this Bonus with this Course

Weavers of the Light Transmission mp3s (2 hours)

Weavers of the Light Transmission mp3s (2 hours)

Please join us for the Andean conclusion transmission where we work with all the downloads from the Peru 2023: Inca Trail trip and weave this across the globe with the Galactic Grid held by each person both in-person and on-line.  We aired the transmission and meditation from Lake Titicaca, Peru which is an interdimensional portal and divine astral platform of Light for the planet.  We ask the Divine, Our Spiritual Teachers and Guides, the Masters in General, the Andean Masters in particular, and our Higher Self to download the current Solar Disc Transmission and Information into our seven subtle bodies and consciousness.  The Solar Disc is an immense portal and supercomputer of energy that exists at Lake Titicaca.  This information field is replicated and placed at our heart center so that we can stay in touch with this download center from the Masters of Light in the Inner World to humanity on the planet.

This transmission helps us be greater Weavers of the Light as we spread higher frequencies and vibrations onto the planet and across the globe.

The second portion of the session is a meditation is an Andean Master inspired Belts of Power meditation.  We weave the frequencies of Lake Titicaca into our energy centers and belts of power emanating from those centers.  We wweave high frequency energies into our root, sacral, navel, heart, throat, third eye, crown, and first chakra above the head.  This increases the power, love, and transmitting ability of our spiritual antenna or Pillar of Light.

Join us for this global event as we weave the Galactic Grid of Light further onto the planet.