Option 1: Celebrate the Victory of Love

”Wherever you are, I AM”

Option 1: Celebrate the Victory of Love


2 Payment Option Available

April 20th – June 8th

11pm PT | 12pm MT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET | 6pm GMT

Ready to upgrade your relationships? ”Love or nothing” is the name of the game!

Would you desire to experience an authentic connection with ALL and stop compromising -tolerating empty exchanges that reinforce a false sense of lack, unworthiness and separation? There is a well of abundance ready to be expressed in a creative manner. It all starts by igniting your own God-Flame!

We invite you on a 2-month journey to explore the potential of mature relationships. Let’s explore the value and potential of divine partnership, aquarian families, sacred homes, and ascending communities. The 3 R’s are key to raise everyOne: Respect, Recognition, and Reciprocity. As a consequence, you will integrate the virtue of Reverence and be in eternal devotion to the Light. To prosper you will need to heal, alchemize and elevate your relationships!

The Ascended Master Kuan Yin will also share her wisdom to explore the essential teachings of Divine Alchemy and transmute unresolved issues in the presence of mercy, compassion, and forgiveness. She has shared a few revelations, practices, and a powerful message with us and we would love to extend it to you! We will co-create a Reconciliation Ceremony to elevate every single aspect of your consciousness/reality through Loving Grace!

Healthy bonds are an expression of your inner wealth. Remember how to create by ”non-doing” and relax into Abundance! It is time to take your next sovereign step!

You will receive…

  • 2 Advanced Practices to catalyze self-transcendence and the acceleration of your Threefold Flame (PDF)
  • 1 Energy Activation to create your Containers of Abundance and start attracting the right resources
  • 1 Prosperity Prayer to let go of ”external providers” and reconnect with Divine Providence (PDF)
  • 1 Ritual to demagnetize and charge your crystals -to raise the vibration in your Home (PDF)
  • 1 Prayer for Youth to inspire younger generations to walk their Honorable Path (PDF)
  • 1 Divine Message: Kuan Yin’s revelation and offering for our 2024 cycle (PDF)
  • 1 Poem/Attunement to align with your ”Twin Flame” (PDF and MP3 audio)
  • 1 original Music Track: ”The Miracle of Mercy” (MP3 audio)
  • Access to our Private Forum