Root Chakra Course

Root Chakra Course


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Doorways to Infinity: Mūlādhāra 

Take a 4-week long deep dive into the root chakra and start your journey of consciousness!

How to stand your ground, come from a place of inner authority, release tensions and empower your reality

A Yogic discovery of the energetics and metaphysical topics of the root chakra. A profound journey of consciousness and an experiential deep dive into the subtle anatomy of your being. Realize how your life transforms through sincere work on the subtle body. Free yourself of the nagging voice of self-doubt, comparison, and not feeling good enough. Gain an awareness of how to energetically center in yourself. Find the root causes for these patterns and release them. See how your relationship with yourself and your family change in just four weeks.  Commit more fully to the path of your soul, open your spiritual gifts, and meet yourself in a deeper way.

I welcome you to a powerful ancient path of inner self-discovery and energetic mastery. Let’s start at the root!

Mūlādhāra- grounding into your soul!

4 weeks that will empower your reality! The Outline:

  • Week 1: Grounding and reconnecting to the earth element. Learn how to release energy downwards and access nourishment from the earth. Feel what it means to become centered, calm and strong. Connect deeper to the earth mother and start tapping into your root chakra. Release tensions, anxiety, and nervousness.
  • Week 2: Healing the inner child. Explore what safety means to you. Find out which negative beliefs sit in your body and how to install more helpful and supportive values in your body and life. Release patterns of self-sabotage. Learn how to access the wisdom of the body to guide you.
  • Week 3: Ancestral healing. Clear and heal your family lines on the earth. Learn how to connect to family and ancestry and re-establish your standing and authority in this life. Understand what has been passed down energetically, but also open up to the spiritual gifts of your ancestry.
  • Week 4: Self-Value/Trust/ Abundance. Expand your abundance mindset. Re-establish a deep trust in yourself and the universe. Understand your value. Affirm your right to exist.

The elements of your root chakra mastery:


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