Unifying the Ego, Mind, & Body Consciousness with the Soul

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Unifying the Ego, Mind, & Body Consciousness with the Soul


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If you truly want to heal unity has to begin within you. You have different aspects that make you human, the beautiful Mind, the Ego, the Body, and the Spirit. These aspects of self were gifts given to you to allow for you to experience an individualized experience here within the collective human consciousness. They were meant to help give you boundaries around the unique frequencies woven into your very being from the one Infinite Source Creator.

These unique frequencies, codes, are your Divine Creator Codes. You have your own codes that are meant to be expressed to aid and assist the rest of the collective consciousness. You all were derived from the same source creator and are each a piece to a beautiful puzzle that makes up the entire human collective and beyond. You matter, your expression matters because without it…..the puzzle remains incomplete.

You have been correctly taught, through awakening, that you are a spiritual being, many of you from the stars, living and experiencing life through the human vessel of the body. What has been missing, is your ability to reprogram your Ego to assist the Spirit in expressing the unique frequencies it came here to express.

There has been a deep program running in the background of the Quantum Field, that operates from the false belief that Earthly Desires lead you away from your connection with Source, the Creator of all life. This has kept humanity trapped in the illusion they cannot enjoy their Earthly Desires and embodiment of the very essence that allows for each Soul on Earth to experience expansion through ones own individualized container. It is through our Desires that you know yourself as an aspect of the Creator more deeply…because each experience expands the Quantum Field of energy that you are interacting with everyday.

What my son with Autism showed me…was how to rewrite the rules by which the Ego has been living, making it malleable and my greatest Ally. This paradigm shift finally guided me out of the internal war between my Spirit knowing the truth of who it was and wanting to express that & my Mind and Ego telling me I’m not enough and not allowing for complete expansion of who my Spirit knew itself to be. I’ve come into an internal space of unity where all my human aspects of Self, the Ego, Mind, and Body Consciousness are working together in alignment with my Soul to help me experience infinite amounts of Joy, Peace, Prosperity, and Divine Love.

In this 2 Hour Course you will be guided through creating a divinely loving and trusting relationship between your Ego, Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul. You will be teaching them how they interact with the Quantum Field & guiding them through processes that allow them to become a healing container for you.

In this course you will be:

  • Speaking directly to the Ego & showing it how to unprogram
  • Speaking directly to the Mind to access the Subconscious Programs
  • Speaking directly to the Body Consciousness to show it how to properly move emotions
  • Creating a unification of energetic flow & trust for your entire human container