Special Offer 2: 2 Live Group Calls + Offer 1

Special Offer 2: 2 Live Group Calls + Offer 1


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Everything in package A Plus 2 Live Group Calls

In these two large group classes we are going to be diving into recoding our genetic imprints in our bones & soft tissues. Regeneration is possible as we alchemize the foundational code that aging is hard, scary, and unattractive. Aging is a beautiful process that doesn’t have to mean deterioration. We can bring the excitement that we had as kids at the freedoms that came with age! Let’s bring back the child like wonder and watch our bones grow stronger just like they did when we were growing as children. We can watch our skin mature from the baby like texture to young adulthood that gave us a look of wisdom that comes from maturity. It is time to unscript the false beliefs that the word age is layered with and come back into play. This increases our mobility and ability to heal! We can bring back the childlike glow of excitement of possibilities to our skin and once again move our bodies fluidly with grace, regain our strength, and flexibility.

As we help the body regain trust with its own ability to heal, the amount of light it can consume and process increases. This allows for an internal embodiment of expanded levels of consciousness. Your ability to play untethered in the Quantum Field of

Pure Potentials increases.

These classes are interactive. Psychic visions, intuitions, and what you are feeling during these classes are encouraged to be shared with the group! It’s time to play together and enjoy the freedom of expression & expansion that arises when we share ourselves a group.