Awakening the Light Within: Emerging Radiant

3 Series Course

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Awakening the Light Within: Emerging Radiant (3 Sessions)


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We have an opportunity to create a brilliant new chapter in this world. ‘As Within So Without’… if we want to see changes we must BE that which we want to see. Everything we experience emerges from mind. In order to create change it must occur there first. During these accelerated times of change/of consciousness evolution we are in a constant engagement with energetic flux on all levels: collective consciousness, cosmic energies, geomagnetic fluctuations, DNA shifting, etc. ‘Emerging Radiant’ offers you tangible shifts with tools and techniques that you will learn to continue serving you in your emergence as a Being of Light and co-creator of new earth experience.

This Series Includes:

  • Three 90 min Mind Field Repatterning ‘hands on’ sessions. Bring your pendulums!
  • Proprietary charts (downloads) for all three classes
  • Access to all three weeks recordings for 21 days following the third class
  • Expanded skills and new charts to assist you, your clients and loved ones through this shift

What May You Experience?

  • Fine-Tune your ability to self-regulate – Stay harmonized body, mind, and spirit during continued times of destabilization here on earth. Develop healthy skills for navigating new energies, as a radiant soul who is living a life of purpose and joyful expression. Celebrate the creation of a new way of living as luminous beings here on earth.

  • Collapse the illusion of separation – Let go unconscious attachment to limiting patterns and beliefs that are part of a very old paradigm, one in which reigns the belief that we are separate from Source, and from one another. This is where freedom from suffering emerges.

  • Unify Global Mind and Heart to create a new earth template – Despite surface appearances (what may look like chaos and a rise in polarities on planet earth), there is a massive awakening in global consciousness unfolding, a return to Love. Support the transformation of ‘external’ circumstances through creating a shift in your mind. Disentangle your self from limiting perspectives and BE what you would like to see in the world. It truly is an ‘inside’ job. We are all integral aspects of One mind. As each of us heals, we are never healed alone.