Mastery Empowerment Course: Superconscious Living Made Easy

Mastery Empowerment Course: Superconscious Living Made Easy


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The New Age movement which began in the 1960’s is now shifting to a new level. More and more lightworkers are waking up. Our current society can now build upon the many expansions of consciousness that were passed onto them from the previous generations. Now is the time to actualize the higher reality we’ve all dreamed of for lifetimes.

After thousands of years of living in vibrational limitation, how does one live as a superconscious being? What are the daily practices and habits that can ground a multidimensional awareness? How can the freedom that technology now gives us be blended with our spirituality? Is it possible to actualize our infinite potential in the world of form and matter?

It is. We are ready. And it will be glorious! The energy techniques, practices, and tools we all have diligently studied can now be expressed with greater ease. It is time to live on the Earth Plane as the masters we are. We have all that we need. Why not make it easy?

In this course, we will learn:

  • How to developing a consciousness that allows you to create your own heaven on earth
  • Simple ways to manifest and attract greater abundance, health and fulfilling relationships
  • Keys to maintaining a high vibration in the midst of chaotic earth energies
  • The power of expanding and contracting time to live with greater ease
  • How to understand and work with past-present-future life experiences
  • Skills to transcending the limitations of time, space, matter, fear, and illusions of 3rd Dimensional Earth