Mastery Empowerment Course: How to Grow Younger by Tapping into The Fountain of Youth

Mastery Empowerment Course: How to Grow Younger by Tapping into The Fountain of Youth


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The concept of creating our reality is gaining traction worldwide. If we truly create our reality then perhaps we also create our bodies? As our society evolves we can learn to relate differently to the material world and our bodies.

Current mainstream thinking is that human ageing flows only in one direction. It’s generally accepted that every day a person grows weaker and older due to the passage of time. While drugs or other therapies may slow down the process, it is seen as inevitable. But what if this was not the case?

It was claimed that Ponce de León found an actual fountain of youth in Florida that reversed ageing. There are also spiritual traditions such as Taoism which promote immortality and Qigong and yoga which are seen as a youthing practices. But what if there was an even deeper truth? What if there was a fountain of youth within us? What if our consciousness affected our bodies and ageing?

From the groundbreaking 1979 Counterclockwise Study and the recent Harvard Medical School research on the human body clock that can speed up or reverse the aging of cells, the field of Gerontology is gathering momentum. We are heading into an exciting age of human development unlike any before.

In this course, we will learn:

  • How to transform your consciousness and transform your body
  • Simple practices and attitudes that slow the aging process while leading a happy, fulfilling life
  • Take a guided meditative journey into the DNA of your cells to reprogram, youth and heal your body form
  • How to tap into unlimited physical strength, vitality, health, youth, and vibrancy
  • The easy way to heal, change and rejuvenate your body via a psychosomatic approach