Mastery Empowerment Course: How to Access Alternate Lives

Mastery Empowerment Course: How to Access Alternate Lives


2 Payment Option Available

June 29th

12pm PT | 1pm MT | 2pm CT | 3pm ET | 7pm GMT

Are you ready to expand your potential by exploring the field of infinite possibilities? What if you could meet, learn, and grow from different versions of yourself living in alternate universes?

Quantum mechanics reveals that multiple states of existence are all possible at the same time for a single particle. In the multiverse concept our universe is just one of many that exist. It’s as if you could look into endless mirrors and see your reflection into infinity. This is the field of your own infinite being.

This session will offer a supportive and loving space through exercises, meditations, and sharing to help you to tap into your own power to access other you’s living in alternate realties. You are an infinite being. Anything is possible!

In this course you will explore:

  • Accessing and sharing consciousness with different versions of yourself that exist in alternate realities
  • How to work with alternate selves for your highest good
  • Blending with a self from an alternate universe to acquire new skills, abilities or to improve an area of your life
  • Aligning with alternate selves that have already successfully mastered whatever you are seeking to accomplish
  • Receiving energy and guidance from alternate selves and bringing it back into the present to enhance this reality
  • Seeing other paths you have taken in alternate realties