Special Offer: 1 Hour Life Coaching Session

Whether you are looking to improve your finances, be in a satisfying career, find inner peace, have happier relationships, or let go of old issues, you can benefit from the support of a skilled transformation coach. My coaching specialties include:

  • Life Coaching
  • Law of Attraction Coaching
  • Anxiety Coaching
  • Highly Sensitive Person Coaching
  • Psychosomatic Healing
  • Energy Clearing
  • Light Body Coaching
  • Spiritual Mentoring
  • Starseed Support

In these sessions we can transform a particular concern or life area (i.e. relationships, prosperity/career, overcoming a specific fear, getting unstuck, finding solutions to a past/present conflict, creating more joy in your life, or making an important decision) or these can be used as a more general life “tune-up.”

Special Offer: 1 Hour Session


2 Payment Option Available