Earth’s Galactic History

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MEC: Earth's Galactic History


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Be careful what you ask for because the Universe, in Divine timing will give you an abundance of what you have placed your intent / attention on.

Me recently? It’s been about completing the dot connecting between my Pleiadian self and the renditions of humanity on Earth within each realm / civilization through this moment.

With past life regression help from trusted sources – I’ve gained a working awareness of experiences in Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. Now with downloads of humanity’s experiment since the first star seeding there have been multiple timelines to explore in greater detail especially with what I thought I knew about Lemuria having been to Telos. Now my ignorance is being dissolved to restore who the Lemurians really were and their spot on the timeline originally. Much to take in and assimilate but then in order to complete my souls journey I learned I need to recall first passing through Elysium and Avalon … two human civilizations prior to Lemuria that were paradise at their inception.

This study group was formed to report what my guides have revealed to me so in turn, I can advise others.

After a few weeks now, I’ve come away with a new level of comprehension and confirmation of our extra terrestrial soul beginnings. If your eyes fall upon this message, you already know that you were a star seed and were led to find like minded Tribe.

Come and share in what I learned in a Live environment where I encourage your participation and contributions. 😎