Join a Mastery Empowerment Course with Dorota

Mastery Empowerment Course: Teachings of Divine Mother

Transformational Course Part 1 with Dorota Rozmus

7 Days 15-21 May 2022

9 AM PT | 10 AM MT |11 AM CT | 12 PM ET | 4 PM GMT

Teachings of Divine Mother Transformational Course Part 1


2 Payment Option Available

Welcome to Divine’s Mother Unconditional Love

In 7 Days of this Course you are Loved and learning how to allow loving frequency to heal deepest human story in you.

Allow yourself to be welcomed in the vibrational Arms of Loving Power that is soft and strong and healing you from the Space of highest truth of Creation.

This is energy of Sphere holding everything as One again.

Divine Mother is shifting duality , healing feminine and masculine as one again.

She is here to teach you letting go into the light that she brings .

She brings wisdom that was not available before . It is vibrational wisdom to feel within your intuitive knowingness

She is here to teach you how to remember to feel love again.

She is healing your body.

She is here to teach you how to heal deepest wounds

She is here bringing power to your inner child

She is here to hold in love your Mother Father ancestral shift

She is one with Gaia holding Humanity in total forgiveness and karmic dissolving powers.

Divine Mother will sing for you and share love within sound that brings new coded frequency into your heart and body to be healed.

You Are Loved

Allow this Unconditional healing power.

Course will start 15th of May for 7 days you can join live or/and receive mp3 recordings of each session. 

Sessions are 45-50 min long. They are activations with Dorota’s transmissions of Divine Mother’s words and sounds that brings frequency and codes of Light, colors of Creations, Angels and Masters and light Beings coming to you during each session. You are working within your Divine Self and unconditional Love of Highest Divine Support. Listening to this activations few times is important as they are bringing coded light information into you energy system of body and etheric .