Star Nations Ancestral Healing

It’s a 2 part online course…
Approx. 5+ hours… with bonus extras…

Star Nations Ancestral Healing

  • It’s a 2 part online course… Approx. 5+ hours… with bonus extras…

2 Payment Option Available

Join co-author Rev. Devi Grace from the award winning The Ancestors Within book series (Vol 2: Discover and Connect with Your Ancient Origins) for a transformational journey where we shall set the intention to reconcile the lead of one’s lower self into the gold of one’s spirit through the pearls of Absolute Love. Embark upon a shamanic alchemy pilgrimage as she guides you through a two part series to clearly identify the essence of your soul purpose in this lifetime by establishing a clear connection to the higher dimensions of yourself and your Galactic Family.

Do you want to know where you originate from before you came to this planet?

Would you like to access the support of your ancestral Starseed Elders who are ready and waiting to help you?

Reawaken to countless benefits during this two-phase retreat.

You’ll connect with the tantric cycles of nature for internal rejuvenation to harness the glorious perfection of your soul-presence within your bio-temple.

Join us in an educational immersion into your Star Ancestor lineages.

You will receive cumulative blessings from ALL your ancestral Star Grandmothers and Grandfathers here on Gaia.

Confidently embrace your spiritual wisdom and own your original heritage.

Learn to trust your body with your spirit and bring more love into your cells.

The one-off $88 USD fee includes BOTH parts of the workshop plus bonus materials… with over 5 hours of replay videos.

By participating in this extraordinary process of Galactic Reconnection – using advanced vibrational medicine technology – you will:

  • Embody the deep wisdom and clear insights of your Higher Self in the life you live and walk every day
  • Have a profound experience of Soul Family Integration, giving you a deeper sense of wholeness
  • Raise the vibration of your energy field, positively infusing Starseed light into every area of your life
  • Catalyse greater clarity of your mind, purpose and direction
  • Experience of a rejuvenation of your all your bio-systems so that you can increasingly live as love
  • Establish a clear line of connection with your Galactic Family who eagerly want to support the physical realisation of your soul purpose in this lifetime

You will leave this course confident of the presence, power and support of your Higher Self AND Star Family. They recognise that you chose an extraordinary mission to achieve in this lifetime AND they want you to know you are never alone in achieving it!

  • Extra bonus materials are included with each module.
If you’ve ever wondered what you are truly capable of when you give yourself permission to generate an ecstatic homecoming, then we welcome you to this brilliant Rite of Passage. Ignite the mystery of Creation by completely surrendering to your unapologetic fires of UNION!

Module #1: Reawaken Your Full Soul Embodiment and Vertical Alignment Energy Clearing

In our first gathering before the annual Dia De Los Muertos Ancestral Festivals around the world, we will be focusing on releasing the ancestral karmic imprints that have kept you from completely integrating your soul’s essence into the physicality of your bio-magic.

This is an opportunity to release your hidden set points or body-seals that you didn’t know about that have been recorded into your genetic memory grids. Thus, we focus upon your original vertical alignment between your pure vibrational being and structural body temple so that you are able to clear out those old energy programs from your cumulative family patterns.

Recorded October 29, 2022

Module #2: Reclaim Your Multi-dimensional Inner Alchemy and Cosmic Tree of Love Blessing

In our second meeting prior to the international 11.11 festivals, we are going to shift into a more ceremonial focus that empowers you to have a direct group experience of multi-dimensional integration between your masculine and feminine aspects.

This is a more intimate immersion into a morphogentic unified field that’s designed to re-code your internal relationship between the maternal and paternal sides of your psyche. Initiates will receive the privilege of personally being ushered into a shamanic Cosmic TREE of LOVE that’s a new gift from all of your Star Ancestors to step out of the pervasive collective conditioning around male/female soul splits.

Recorded November 5, 2022

Bonus materials include…

  • Chapter 19 by Rev. Devi Grace from Ancestors Within – Vol II
  • 11.11 Ancestral Healing from UNIFY in 2021 video
  • Soul Group Clearing from Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day event July 2021 video
  • Plus other videos of Rev Devi Grace’s work

“I truly hope you will join us.” – Rev. Devi Grace