Clearing the Morphogenic Field of our DNA and Activating Your Potential


2 Meditations plus a 3-month membership to the Light Vibes Learning Community

Clearing the Morphogenic Field of our DNA and Activating Your Potential


Two meditations to prepare your DNA for the upgrades available in the current energies on Earth and a subscription to Jeilen’s Light Vibes Learning Community

Item 1. Meditation: Clearing the morphogenic field of our DNA:

We are going to travel into our DNA’s morphogenic field in order to visualize areas of disharmony and discord caused by unresolved emotional traumas. We will revisit our strands of DNA – but instead of focusing on the physical DNA, we will be looking at the morphogenic field around it. We call the area around the DNA the morphogenic field because it is constantly changing in response to the environmental field around it. It is the dynamic interface between your physical DNA, your soul’s experiences in different timelines, and the collective energy field around you. This morphogenic field is the place where emotional traumas get translated into physical issues, pain, disease, and chronic conditions. When we direct sound and light into this field, we harmonize the energies by soothing and balancing the agitating frequencies present from emotional turmoil, elevating the DNA’s overall frequency. We’re going to be working with the master DNA strand found in the still point of the heart’s energy field. When you travel into the cell to arrive at your DNA in this meditation, keep your focus on the area around it and allow yourself to visualize anything that looks out of balance, discolored, or agitated there. That will become the area of focus for the light and the tones to reorganize.

Item 2: Meditation: DNA Clearing and Alignment to Your Soul’s Potential

This meditation will take you through a process with the Mantis to work with and walk down the double helix of DNA. We will be working in the brain in the frontal lobe interacting with the prime blueprint of your energetic and physical bodies. As we walk down the DNA we will look for areas of imbalance and areas ready to shift into a higher frequency of expression.

Item 3: A 3-month subscription to the Light Vibes Learning Community

We are living in an amazing time on our planet! There is so much possibility for each of us to experience ourselves from the expression of our true potential. Jeilene and her guides are dedicated to supporting this group with high vibrational information and guidance.

“Whether we are focusing on the healthy function of your physical being, offering guidance on how to live in harmony with and honor Earth, or helping you expand your innate gifts, supporting you and supporting Earth is our mission.” ~ Jeilene

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