Energy Transmission 10 Pack

Energy Transmission 10 Pack


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Christof Melchizedek is a master at professional produced and digitally mastered energy transmissions.  Working alongside a co-producer of a Grammy Award winner, Christof’s energy transmission deliver a beautiful deep experience that create massive shift’s in your bio-energy field, DNA and consciousness.  The top 10 pack are his most popular energy transmissions and will give you an excellent instant library of potent meditations for every occassion.

Stress Reduction Protocol
This healing removes energetic stress waves that accumulate around the adrenal glands, providing an energetic stress template through the organs and neurological system. Removing the stress webs takes out the stress drive through your system, calms your senses, and soothes your soul.

Achilles Protocol
In this transmission, we balance your two Achilles heels, the feminine, and the masculine side. It is to ensure stability and bring this energy through your energy centers and levels of the field and full stability through your Hara dimension. It is a potent protocol that I’m happy to send out to our community for your manifestation abilities and general stability in life.

Healing Sleep Meditation: Deep Subliminal Reprogramming
The healing sleep meditation is an excellent way to transition from your day into ensuring a deep restful sleep while rececing a nourishing chakra cleanse filling you with love, gratitude and contentment.  Followed by deep subliminal abundnace hypnosis to reprogram your unconscious mind to the frequency of abundance.

Kids Sleepy Time Healing
This healing sleep meditation places your precious children in a holographic healing chamber.  The energy transmission seals, and protects their auric field from astral plane interference,  provides a healing cleanse that washes out the energies of the day and drops in deep subliminal messages to enhance their self esteem and confidence.

Love Stone & Book of Wisdom
This transmission takes you on a beautiful journey in our Merkabah lightship across to the tower and spire that holds the Broadcast Love Stone and the Book of Wisdom. You will climb the stairs and commune with the Love Stone as we enter the spire. The Stone itself sends out a beautifully embodied frequency of divine love.

Neurological Upgrade
The Neurological Upgrade Transmission is an antidote for the amount of over electrical stimulation we receive in our minefield. This is a beautifully mastered audio transmission that I myself, have enjoyed using regularly. It’s a great component to potentially go to sleep with. Infused with the element of water, it is soothing, healing and regenerative.

Coherence Duo: From Triggered to Tranquil (2 Videos)

These will bring you into a deeper aspect of your centeredness. This transmission duo is a wonderful tool for coming out of a triggered state into greater coherence and harmony, stabilizing your energy field. Use them whenever you feel triggered, upset, frustrated, full of anxiety, angry or disappointed.

Soul Stone & Krystic Jewel
This transmission is harnessing the power of the Soul Stone by taking you on an energetic journey to enter the Hall of Records — we will activate the Merkabah body and journey across time and space to the Great Pyramid and Sphinx. Once there, we will commune with the Soul Stone to obtain a spark of consciousness from the Krystal Star Server or Higher Self Harmonic Universe or Cosmic Christ Consciousness Field of the Higher Self Universe. This is in your High Heart.

Sovereignty Transmission
This powerful sovereignty transmission is designed to help return to you all energies and essences, codes and consciousness, accessories and identities that are your full totality back to you, as it should be. It’s designed to clear any inorganic material, heal splitting and fracturing, as well as begin the process of reinstating the original Human Divine Angelic Diamond Sun DNA template. There is no more powerful being than a fully awakened human reconnected to their own Source consciousness.