Mastery Empowerment Course: Un-Jail Your Jaw ~ Cosmic Jailbreak Workshop

Reverse Energetic Tooth Decay, Jaw Lock-Down and Tongue Abnormalities to Animate Your Celestial Voices

Mastery Empowerment Course: Un-Jail Your Jaw ~ Cosmic Jailbreak Workshop

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Worried that if you just share freely what’s in your heart or on your mind that it won’t go over well? You may have tried to share authentically in the past only to have it go haywire – either you were misunderstood causing an extreme reaction by the other person.

Or you weren’t able to find the words to convey what you really wanted so the outcome caused an undesired response or even inaction by the other person when you really needed support.

These types of scenarios start to build up in your psyche causing you to withhold your true feelings and thoughts – why even bother if it’s not gonna land right and just create more chaos and confusion right?

The problem is these withholds come with an energetic price…

You start to build in locking mechanisms or binds that immobilize your jaw, tighten your throat, constrict your heart and minimize your True voice. The thoughts in your mind and the fears associated with them shut down your mouth, jaw and throat impacting your oral health and your self-expression!

Now you’re locked up in a jail of your own making due to perceptions of the mind – the mental constructs that lock down your body, stifle essential energy flow through the gums and jaw. This is what ultimately leads to a decline in the health of your teeth and gums.

All the thoughts and feelings you’ve bottled up are trapped in your jaw – it’s energetic plaque build up that eats at your teeth and gums, degrading them and further hardening your jawbone.

by Christel Hughes & Amanda Hopkins
~ Live Group, Deep Dive Clearing Call (Value: $333)

Unveil and resolve the problematic energetic vices and lock-down paradigms that hold tension in the jaw and suppress your authentic expression from the most expansive nature of Self.

As you free up your teeth, gums, jaw and oral tissues from paralytic energies that keep you stuck in indecision and fear, you remove the decay and rot that’s been festering within.

Crystalline light energies will replace the old stagnant holes and drains that had settled into place, uplifting the vibrational frequency and tone in your mouth and down into your throat. This re-calibration creates space enabling you to then be granted access to your Celestial Voice.

Here’s the path you’ll be taking in the Workshop:


Energetic Oral Health Assessment, Revision and New Operational Blueprint Installation

1. Assess Current Condition of Tongue

Identify energetic abnormalities reflected in your tongue that impact your teeth, gums and jaw… and even your voice!

Let go of inhibitions and filters that skew your communication and prevent you from authentically expressing Highest Truth. You’ll be guided through a powerful exercise to identify the current qualities of your tongue and what they are indicating for you in relation to your oral and organ health.

Pinpointing and removing the main abnormality affecting mouth & oral health allows you to:

~ Confidently and clearly speak your Highest Soul Truth – eliminate garbled or mixed messages and being tongue-tied

~ Enliven your tastebuds to the ‘flavors’ of life that serve your vitality – recalibrate your tastebuds to crave the things that serve & nourish you

~ Release detrimental desires and cravings that feed decay and festering wounds in your mouth and bacterial overwhelm in your digestive tract

~ Dissolve shyness and reservations of sharing what’s coming through – no more ‘biting your tongue’ or experiencing ‘cat got your tongue’ dynamics

2. Delete the Primary Energetic Locking Mechanism Immobilizing Your Jaw

The jaw being energetically wired shut is more common than you’d expect!

We need to identify what’s jammed your jaw up so it’s out of position and not moving as Divinely designed for you in order to release the extreme tension and grinding tendencies from the jaw.

Some of these types of mechanisms are:

~ Wiring that ties the mouth shut or wraps around the jaw holding it in a static position (immovable)

~ Metallic vice-like construct on the jaw locking it in to a fixed range of motion

~ Grabbers that grip into each side of the jaw and pull it out of place

~ Energetic binds or rigid plates in the back of the neck that limit mobility range of motion and mobility of the neck and jaw

3. Reverse Energetic Decay that’s Degraded Teeth, Gums and Jaw

Identify and remove the #1 energetic paradigm driving your habits that lead to decay resulting in poor oral health.

This may include:

~ Mechanisms that perpetuate overindulgence in sweets or other substances that degrade teeth and gums – includes invaders that drive your cravings

~ Immobilization Programs that stop you in your tracks – this causes stagnancy and festering of energies that should be passing through, they build up and break down spaces where stored in concentration

~ Inhibition constructs – pockets of suppressed emotions and thoughts that linger holding in past hurts and unexpressed preferences. These toxic energies eat away at you and have you re-acting from emotional distress – can misread a person’s true intent, make digs at someone, overreact to what’s happening and more!

As we clear these dynamics you’ll vacuum out all energetic decay, rot and festering pus. You’ll be infused with revitalization and strengthened crystalline light frequencies designed to restructure and rebuild your gums, teeth and jaw in alignment with the Ideal Oral Soul Blueprint for you!

Any connections to gut health and digestive decay will be uncovered and released here. You’ll dismantle any projections or perceptions taken on that reflect rot and decay in the body like having heard or been called ‘rotten to the core’ OR programming within you that have you pushing against being rotten.

4. Install your Ideal Oral Soul Blueprint

Once the stagnant, immobilization and lock-down programs, structures and encodings have been released, you’re ready to call in and activate your Ideal Oral Blueprint that aligns with your Soul Expression, movement sovereign strength.


Your Soul is on a mission to gain your Celestial Voices!

Trust that you’re much more expansive than you could imagine…you’re an Extension of the Universe. As that, You hold the power to channel great vibrational truths that make an impression in space, into an environment and onto people. That power of impression comes from your vibrational influence and it’s measurable.

Each person is equipped with the capacity to use their human voice from the get go. As you evolve, your throat chakra (clairaudient) equipment desires to upgrade and you slowly grow into a New voice (which is really speaking a higher level of Light). This new voice with each upgrade becomes progressively higher in expressing greater Truths more accurately. At this current time, your Soul is calling you to gain your Celestial Light Voice.

When we place attention and consciously open your clairaudient channel — specifically to be multi-dimensionally related to the Celestial beings — you gain your Celestial Voice!

— It feels like TRUTH being spoken Through you

— A vibrational surge of Wisdom that comes from Beyond

— Sagaciously flowing profound Intuition – surprised by your own depth of Knowing

— Insights revealed to you beyond your innate intelligence

It’s truly Incredible to speak ancient wisdom through your Clairaudient channel and send a profoundly impressional wave of wisdom…touching hearts and transforming minds. And the bonus is that you experience the wisdom first – it upgrades and transforms you as you channel it for others.

Metatron’s Cube Guided Journey + Healing:

You’ll go deep into your Clairaudient Channels to:

~ Clear Restrictions that Impede Clairaudient Guidance and Celestial Vocal Expression

– Openings of new vibratory channels that are supporting your Clairaudience to open, but you’re holding tension, resentment and frustration in the jaw that is the electrical pathway to speak – so you’re stifled to express.

– Releasing & Clearing Deceptions – deceptions come out of the mouth from the tongue – Correction – set things straight – twisted tongue – people take your words and twist them. Injustice when they do this…

– Tongue – clearing the areas of the tongue – map of our organs – sweet, sour, salty, bitter — also relate to a person’s attitude, demeanor towards you

– This idea of Not wanting to be Human – feeling jailed as a human – Having to live on this Planet right now. Holding that in the jaw – not having a choice whether you can leave or not. So in many ways it’s as if humans are jailed up on Earth. We need to bring Freedom

– Clairaudience channel upgrade to Celestial level– ear chakras, throat chakra, thyroid gland, bones, membrane system of your body

~ Activate Your Celestial Throat Chakra

~ Enhance and Expand your Clairaudience

~ Open & Animate your Celestial Voices

There are more than 1! This will elevate the vibrational tone of your voice

You become aware of your Multi-dimensional way of receiving auditory information and giving voice to your Celestial Light.

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Get an Intuitive Reading for the #1 locking mechanism on the jaw and specific color light frequency to open up your vocal spectrum from Amanda Hopkins.