Mastery Empowerment Course: Telepathic Communication Teleclass

Launch into Mystic Consciousness… Opening your Communication Portals with Christel Hughes

Mastery Empowerment Course: Telepathic Communication Teleclass

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Live group 90min. – 2 hour

Deep Dive DETOX clearing call

Value: $350

Discover the types of Telepathic communication and distinctions:

  • Instinctual or feeling based Telepathy
  • Mental or mind-to-mind Telepathy
  • Spiritual or soul-to-soul Telepathy

During this Live TeleClass, we will gather with Archangel Metatron and Metatron’s cube to move deeply, ridding the body of toxic substances and detoxing the brain of stagnancy, inhibitors and withholds. Please note this is a very deep clearing process as we unburden, transform and recalibrate on many levels including:

  • Electromagnetic Energy Field
  • Brains/Minds/Neuronets
  • Cellular Memory
  • Chakras, Meridians, Nadis and All Other Energetic Systems
  • DNA-RNA-Genetic Codes
  • Ego/Negative Programming
  • Genetic Archives, Imprints, Memories and Holograms
  • Inner Child/Wounded Inner Children
  • Past Life Archives, Imprints, Memories and Holograms
  • Personality (includes mis-identities)
  • Patterns, Paradigms & Programs
  • Random Inner Dialog/Negative Self Talk
  • Light Body

Clear the major blocks to opening up to yourself as being Sacred, Worthy…build up your confidence, levels of trust and capacity to feel that you deserve to be in Divine communication with your Angels, Guides, Spirits, Wise One team, Archangels, Cosmic Beings and especially your Supreme Being, Higher Self.

After the deep clearing, we will do a Telepathy Attunement with the Golden Grid of Grace using Cosmic Pink Crystalline Light frequencies. This will influence your brain wave behavior and future LifeLine to support you becoming your Sovereign Self— A Holy Vessel and Channel of Truth and Light.

Bonus with Amanda Hopkins

~ 3 Brain Harmonizer – Guided Journey by Amanda Hopkins,

C.IST Value: $48

Your mind, heart and gut all work together in a synchronous manner to guide and direct the tissues of your body so they can effectively regulate functions and respond to your environment. When disharmonious energies and emotions pool in these nerve rich body centers, the corresponding body tissues move out of tune with their inherent, Divine frequencies.

When this happens your body communication and structures break down, deteriorate and functional capacity declines. It’s this progression that leads to physical dis-ease. Join Amanda through this guided journey to release those disharmonious energies and reconnect those body tissues to their innate, Divine intelligence internally for restorative healing and enhanced cellular communication aligned with your Higher knowing.

Communication in the subtle realms is more important than ever. We need our Divine guidance in order to navigate what life is presenting us.

Communication is a 2 – way street…you may be open to connecting with your Higher Self and Celestial beings, but are you listening in the way that allows you to ‘hear’ the messages? Are your requests going unanswered? Are you just not picking up on what’s coming through?

Telepathic communication is our way that we get clear messages to the Divine and the way that we receive messages. So if you want to get direct guidance on your journey that you can Trust, you will want to open up your Telepathic communication abilities and hone your skills.

Telepathic communications transcend our 3D physicality…they occur within the dimensional portals of the mind and travel at the speed of Light. Telepathy is the most efficient way of establishing and maintaining contact with your Higher Self, your team of supportive beings, Cosmic beings and the Divine.

One major issue is that most humans are not well endowed telepathically. So even when actual telepathic contact is made in their psyche, they often don’t recognize it, confuse it for something else, or otherwise discard it because it isn’t the entertaining sound and light show that they were led to believe should instead occur.

Telepathic communication is how advanced beings subtly communicate over vast distances outside of the space, time continuum. It’s the spiritual, ethereal language of the Soul that gains you access to all dimensions.

  • Connect with the Cosmic Core Energy and call the Beings into action
  • Communicate to the unseen Worlds…
  • Know How to plug in…receive a steady stream of consciousness
  • Gain access to information that you would not normally be invited to Know
  • You can play a bigger role when you know How to set up your telepathic apparatus to function at 100%

In our present age, it must be understood that such extrasensory experience of God is not just left to mystics of ages past. Know that the mystical experience of union with the Divine and all of its subsequent benefits, both of a spiritual as well as practical nature, can be part of modern day human experience—indeed, of your experience!

Step into the World of Mystical Union…