Mastery Empowerment Course: Sacred Soul in-Sync

Transcending Self Sabotage Workshop

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Christel Hughes: Sacred Soul in-Sync - Transcending Self Sabotage Workshop

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Live group, deep dive clearing call

Freedom from Struggles, Clearing Discordant energies & Reclaiming your Heart

Through this workshop you’ll understand the secret behind the ‘Invisible Force’ at play that creates Self-Sabotage and prevents you from gaining the energy, momentum, vital force & connection you need to fulfill on your Greater life mission and even simple goals.

You’ll also gain insights into your Higher Self acting out your Supreme Soul State and the significant role it plays in your capacity to trust and act from your Intuitive Guidance…You’ll know how to maintain consistency with your efforts, calling forth the newly instated Courageous mindset, WHOLE HEART awakened play state and finally Fulfill on that which your Soul wants to create through you!

These primal restrictions in the lower and middle regions of your mind, Discordant energies + corresponding Dimensional Light Force components will be addressed to resolve energetic limitations and restrictions.

Plus transform in real time your consciousness pathways to function in a New Field of Grace accessing the Highest harmonious Luminosity of Truth leading you to the Greatest Action in Alignment with your Whole Heart, Supreme Soul Consciousness. You’ll be a Sacred Soul in-Sync!


Metatron’s Cube Guided Journey + Healing:

We’re eradicating old, false states of consciousness that had you operating from your Mid & Lower Mind – ignoring your Higher Mind. Reclaiming your Consciousness, taking back your power & restoring elevated states of awareness that are your TRUTH. Gain Sacred Soul perspectives so you’re NOW operating from the Entirety of your Higher Mind, letting your Higher Self dictate what you do and don’t do, no longer being a victim to your sabotaging behavior.

What’s your main way of sabotaging yourself?

Putting things off, vacillating, indecision, confusion, doubt, hesitation, procrastination, addiction, insecurity with fearful projections, hiding, ignoring…? Or maybe seeking validation outside of yourself before you’ll begin claiming your Spiritual place in the World?

Whatever your way is of sabotaging yourself – even if it’s an interesting combo of things – we’re going to immediately transform it because we’re focusing precisely & specifically on Your version of the Saboteur that lives within you right now!

We’ll use Metatron’s Cube to clear out all this and more Sabotaging behaviors:

Procrastination: chronic postponing, deferring, being slow to act, using delaying tactics, stalling, playing a waiting game, hesitation…dilly-dally-ing

Negative self talk: insecurity, putting yourself down, comparing yourself to others

Fear of failure, Fear of Success: staying in confusion or stuck, using excuses, ruining your chances

Perfectionism: wasting your time on the details that don’t really matter, getting stuck in your standards – setting them too high, not recognizing how good it really is and allowing yourself to be acknowledged for it

Lack of self care: using your time for others, wasting your energy

People-pleasing: ignoring your own needs, intuition and guidance

Overthinking: being undecided, wavering, teetering, temporizing, hesitating, oscillating, fluctuating, keep changing your mind

Creating health issues: Creating obstructions, disruptions, crippling yourself, impairment, incapacitation

No matter how you’re getting in your own way now, we’re going to shift that ‘invisible force’ plaguing you…So your way is Grace-Filled! With Divine Grace as your New, Natural, Compelling Force…your path will be open, clear, organized, systematized. Also, creating freedom, having you feeling confident, good about yourself and what you create from the Sacred Soul Consciousness — Feeling Whole & Completely capable, ready and energized!


In times when you’re self-sabotaging…it’s an indication that you’re split off, there’s a part of you that’s not in sync with your Heart Resonance. Discordance is a byproduct of the fractured self, skewing your Truth & throwing the song of your Heart out of tune.

In this workshop you’ll receive clarity on your discordant energies, identify how they’re preventing you from Awakening your Whole Heart Magnificence. And you’ll transform those Discordant Energies controlling you…having you behave in conflict with your Whole heart.

There’s a special opening and awakening of your Spiritual DNA that we’ll do…helping you remember the Truth of who you are so you now Live with your Whole Heart in-Sync with your Soul.

You’ll come away understanding the specifics of discordant energies so you can easily recognize when they’re impacting you. Including the most common ways they show up: pain in your body, inner conflict, struggle between your mind & heart or giving your authority away without realizing it.

You’ll uproot these restrictive energies once and for all, clearing & transforming them into higher vibrational energies. Once you’re free from the grip of these draining energies, you’ll be able to move forward, feeling liberated, lighter and more open.

~ Discordant Energy Personal Intuitive Reading

Reading for the #1 Discordant Energy that’s causing you to be out of Soul sync from your Whole Heart Magnificence. Come away with the Exact issue causing discordance and self-sabotage so you can transform it in the Workshop. Feel confident that you know the what & where of the root of the issue – let’s uproot the Self-sabotaging discordance within you so you can be Free + Whole at your Soul’s Core!

~ Transforming Discordant Energies Live Group Experience

Featuring the Harmonic Orchestration Light & Sound Healing Method
Using State of the Art Vibrational Tools, including Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls — which Kari sees as wondrous vibrational beings — she’ll illuminate the core issue that isn’t in alignment with your highest good. The resounding musical expression dissolves the discordant energies so you Awaken in-Sync to your own Heart’s Magnificence.

She simultaneously intuitively Detects & Uproots the patterns of disharmonious vibrations -at the origin point- utilizing the epic Violet Flame. She’ll harness the energy of the Aurora Borealis and call forth the Guardians of the Dimensions. As the Guardians work in & through her, you’ll fully reclaim your heart’s natural state of Health and Wholeness.

~ New Perspectives to initiate transmutation of Discordant Energies:

  • Understand how they embed in your Heart
  • Recognize the devastating harm they’re causing you now
  • Discern your Origin Point where these discordant energies 1st began to plague you
  • The transmutational nature of the Violet Flame to dissolve these disharmonizers

As you gain a deeper knowledge of these discordant energies – how they infiltrate your system and the specific impact they have, you establish a powerful ability to identify energies that are throwing you out of Sync on your own.

  • Travel to the 5th Dimension – you’ll be gently placed in a healing orb where the transformation will occur.
  • Re-program those discordant energies so that they’re tuned to the Sacred Song of your Heart
  • Vibrationally tune your re-programmed energies to match your Heart-Centered intentions.
  • An Infusion of Light and Sound from your Cosmic Heart: Awakening you to your own higher consciousness + seeing yourself as whole, healthy, and strong.

Enjoy this Bonus Item


by Kari Kiazyk

3 Downloadable Audios (Value: $185)


This series of powerful & transformative guided journeys will move you from a state of lack to the luminous, vibrant being that you are. Your cells and energy system will be optimized to help prepare you to fully integrate and expand upon the higher dimensional energies that’ll come in from the Workshop. These are a very deep & powerful. (20 minutes each)

#1: “Lighting Up Your Heart for Worthiness MP3”

Your heart will start to light up, open and expand into a state of feeling Worthy, Vibrant, Healthy and Whole.

#2: “Lighting Up Your Heart for Confidence MP3”

Your heart will start to light up, open and expand into a state of feeling Strong, Confident and Secure.

#3: “Lighting Up Your Heart for Validation MP3”

Your heart will start to light up, open and expand into a state of feeling Reassured, Supported and Loved.


In life you can get knocked off course from so many things: your family, job loss, an unexpected illness, overwhelm, guilt, shame, damaging negative self-talk, basically any of your various unprocessed, repressed or stuck emotions and experiences.

When you’re so caught up in daily life, you can’t see your way out of the day-to-day issues and struggles.

Stop for a moment and consider the impact this has on your health and well-being.

Discordant energies may be impacting your current life to some degree, in a way that you might not even recognize. Have you noticed a theme or recurring pattern in your life? Have you ever wondered “Why does this keep happening to me?” Are you happy with where you are in life or wish something could change? This striving to do better, to be better, knowing that there is more to life out there than your current situation, all comes back to our remembrance of ourselves as awakened.

  • Do you ever have times when you feel as though you are off, not quite yourself?
  • Feel like you are alone in your struggle?
  • Do you put on a mask when you are with other people pretending that everything is ok?
  • Do you keep your inner struggles private? Afraid to share with anyone for fear that you are the only one going through this.
  • Do you bury yourself in work or with distractions – numbing yourself so that you don’t have to feel?
  • Do you feel insecure, worried about your future, or have pressure from your job?
  • Do you have any aches or pains in your body?
  • Do you put unnecessary pressure on yourself?
  • Are you always trying to please others? Do you put everyone else’s needs above your own?

Well, if any of that resonated with you, then just know that you are not alone.

I think all of you can hear in Kari’s voice and how she carries that tone of the heart, that she is so dynamic in her precious nature, that she can really access those places within with such gentle hands and to allow for the vibrations of the music that she creates with the crystal bowls to enter so deeply into the places, way into the deep layers of the tissues where you have been in a chronic state of denial, denying yourself… When you were talking about the Guardians, my whole being lit up and I was transported and I could feel the vibration where you are going to be able to really take people to that next level. I’m just so very grateful Kari that we have you here. I don’t know if everyone knows, but Kari is an Academy Master Teacher, she is someone who is on our team, I absolutely trust her and I would recommend doing this deeper work with her and she’s also someone that I’ve entrusted with training how to work with Metatron’s Cube. So, I know the power she has, don’t let her gentle nature fool you. She really can get in there and go deep.

Christel Hughes, Multi-sensory Intuitive and creator of Academy for the Soul, The online school for Intuitive Arts

My Special Heart Awakening Session with Kari was simply magnificent! My Heart and my Whole Being are in such gratitude for the gift of healing and liberation that Kari has masterfully offered… Starting with her ‘busting’ a deeply unconscious thread of emotion that has been burdening me for years, and which I hadn’t so far been able to even identify, let alone to reach to… Kari knew to spot it right away and cleared it all, in its full intensity ~ Such a relief! The Whole Heart Attunement then led to a Total Reclaiming of my Heart and my whole Being feels expanded, filled with Hope and Joy! The whole experience was incredibly profound and magical, totally unique and so very special! Thank you Kari, literally with ALL MY HEART!

Sophie Bidard, Master Lightweaver and Emotions Master

If you hadn’t been exposed to the profound impact that Kari’s sound healing work has on opening your heart, which creates flow and happiness, you need to make an appointment immediately or purchase her MP3s for profound transformation.

Kari was able to tune in, and with her gifts opened my closed heart, something no other healer had been able to do, and to the extent that I feel transformed. Since working with her, I have not been the same. I am now feeling happiness when I wake up and throughout the day and life is so much more pleasurable and did I mention returning to being in flow?? I am so grateful that I met her. You owe it to yourself to have my experience.


When purchasing workshop, receive a complimentary link for a friend