Hook Removal Workshop

Hook Removal Workshop

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Deep within our hearts, we’re all in anticipation for that unquestionable connection with the Divine – the moment that sparks our heart when we feel that deep connection and we feel Alive with the yes — “Yes, that’s it”… I personally love that feeling. Unfortunately, there are Invisible Invasive energies that are sabotaging your energetic systems, that are negatively impacting your capacity to feel the depth of connection, grow out of your old belief systems and that create physical, mental and emotional disintegration. Your Soul structures begin to fail in their capacity to ‘handle’ the foreign energies and suffer.

Archangel Metatron’s Cube has revealed to me, in sessions, that these invisible saboteurs causing disintegration are energetic invasive Hooks in the immune system, lymphatic system, endocrine system and Bone marrow.

Archangel Metatron shared with me some insights into our Natural expression as holistic human channels of RADIANT light vs. our UnNatural expression as Enmeshed vibrational entities living a trapped existence.

We all have various levels of energetic disintegration due to the hooks that have snagged us in this or other lifetimes – even parallel lives. Until these invasive hooks are removed and transformed you cannot fully heal or integrate your Soul’s energy. When hooked, your physical, emotional and mental health is interfered with and becomes fatigued, sluggish and lacking a real foundation of vitality in your body.

The ‘negative’ energetic snags from these invasive hooks create deterioration in your chakras – moving them backwards even, your immune system suffers, which can cause a number of symptoms ranging from mental and emotional toxicity to physical manifestations such as being prone to viruses, infections, illness and disability of varying degrees.

By removing the invasive hooks (sharp/hard calcified barbs) and healing the surrounding areas of knotted tissue in your energetic systems at the Holographic level, you can permanently clear the energetic imbalances responsible for your symptoms, claim freedom of your Soul and instantly increase your vibrational resonance for Expansion.

The Holographic hook removal is powerful, rejuvenating and effective. You can live as the Whole, RADIANT, Integrated CHANNEL with a GREATER capacity to Expand just as you’re meant to BE. You become the Holy Grail, a Divine Illuminated Vessel for Divinity.

LIVE WORKSHOP by Christel Hughes

~ Live group 2 hour, deep dive clearing call

Group Call Value: $277

~ Disabling invasive Hooks & Collapsing Incompletions

During this Live workshop, we will gather as a group with Archangel Metatron and Metatron’s cube to move deeply into your body. You’ll remove and extract the 4 major types of invasive hooks that disable your energy field from functioning and flowing properly.

You’ll clear the structural elements (barbs & knots) that have been keeping the hooks in place.

Please note this is a very deep clearing process as we reclaim, enable and recalibrate on many levels.

We will shift and transform including:

  • Cellular, Emotional & Mental Toxicity
  • Debris in the Electromagnetic Energy Field
  • Reduce inflamed tissue and knots
  • Remove Mucosal sack of the necrotic tissue
  • Reliance & Repelling nature due to Polarization
  • Emotional Entanglements impacting Chakras, Meridians and all Systems
  • Genetic Archives, Imprints, Memories and Holograms
  • Past Life Archives, Imprints, Memories and Holograms
  • Parallel Life Archives, Imprints Memories and Holograms
  • Mutations DNA-Genetic Codes
  • Personality withholds, Ego/Negative Programming,
  • Resentments, Regret, Denial and Weaknesses
  • Light Body instability

After the deep clearing, we will do an Infusion with the Golden Grid of Grace using Solar, Lunar and Crystalline energy combined to express itself as infinite intelligence within you. This will influence your behavior and future LifeLine to support you becoming a Holistic Human/Channel of Sacred Light — You Become Sacred Art expressed as the Divine!