Package B: A Live Private Intuitive Assessment

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Package B: A Live Private Intuitive Assessment

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The Elegant Evolution of You! How to Be and Flow your Brilliance for Inspired Living

  • Learn about the Phases of Evolution:

    Which phase are you currently mastering? Understanding the phases will support you moving through to the next one and evolving graciously, without struggle.

  • Discover the cycles of Initiation:

    Which cycle are you currently going through? When you know where you are and what is expected of you in your current initiation cycle it makes life easier to accept acceptance brings understanding and an opening for greater guidance to come through.

  • Activate your 3 Soul Centers:

    The 3 Soul Centers are your personal way to Amplify your body, heart and mind to connect with your Higher Self.

This Powerful and Transformative Program includes the
following (If you order the upgrade):

LIVE Private Intuitive Assessment

Christel personally reads you for your Intuitive Gifts, so that you can uncover your Spiritual gifts and dynamic channeling abilities. You have a unique energetic constitution — this determines the way that you flow light energy through your aura and your energetic body. How do you Flow energy? Flowing light energy is another way of saying “channeling energy” or “intuiting information”.

  • Are you Clairvoyant?
  • Clairaudient?
  • Clairsentient?
  • Are you an Animal Communicator?
  • An Angel Communicator?

The Intuitive Assessment is a template that tells you about your dynamic energetic constitution and how you specifically and uniquely flow energy. We determine on our phone session how you are set up to receive information from your Higher Self. This understanding makes a huge difference in the quality of your intuition – your level of clarity and certainty with your channeling abilities. If you do not understand when/how your Higher Self connects with you, then it will make it difficult for you to discern the difference between your intuition and your lower self voice. Knowing how you flow energy equals a more fulfilling life because you have the confidence it takes to make Powerful choices.

Christel has done over 300 Assessments and knows how it will change your life… Clarity equals Power and leads you to your Purpose.