Akashic Magic #1 – Soul Magic

Digital Format:  Five audio recordings and an 18 page workbook.

Length of Program: 102.09 minutes. Takes from 3-5 hours to complete.

Soul Magic E Course

Step into your soul magnificence with the help of the magical energy of the Akashic Records!

This course will help you to:

  • Heal from current and past life trauma.
  • Merge with the beauty and magnificence of your soul.
  • Bring in higher aspects of your soul that can help you to transform your life and to fulfil your soul mission.
  • Gain clarity, find joy and step into your mastery.

Step into your Mastery with Chris Wilson, author, teacher and healer.

In this E Course you will:

  • Benefit from the healing, Fifth Dimensional energy of your Akashic Record which will be open as you listen to the audio recordings.
  • Form a partnership with your Higher Self who will take care of any challenges you face.
  • Integrate soul pieces that have split off through trauma in this life and in others.
  • Connect with a ‘dream team’ of past (and possibly) parallel and future life selves who will inspire you and help make your dreams a reality.
  • Be guided to connect with the majesty and power of your multidimensional self.

Session 1: Opening up to Your Soul self

Introduction to your Higher Self and the opportunity to make peace with your Lower Self. Identifying the ways your Higher Self can help you in your life right now.

Audio 1: Meeting your Soul self: In this powerful guided visualization you will be taken on a walk in the New Zealand bush so you can connect with the truth and magnificence of your soul self.

Audio 2: Becoming my Higher Self: In this audio you will connect with the majesty of your Higher Self and enlist its help with current issues in your life. You will be guided to make peace with your Lower Self and to create a partnership with your Higher Self so you can move forward rapidly and with confidence.

Session 2: Soul Integration

Integrating and reclaiming soul aspects that have been lost through trauma in this life and others.

Audio 3: Soul Integration: In this powerful audio you will reclaim lost soul pieces that have split off through trauma during your soul journey on Earth. You will welcome home your Inner Child and be guided through a soul retrieval process.

Session 3: Creating my Dream Team

With the help of your Higher Self you will gain clarity about your soul mission and identify qualities, abilities and other factors that will help you to fulfil it.

Audio 4: Creating my Dream Team: In this powerful audio you will meet the three past, parallel or future life selves who can most help you at this point in your life. Each will have qualities, abilities and wisdom that you can draw on to help you now. You will be guided to ask them for the help you need and to create a team of soul helpers who will assist you in fulfilling your mission.

Session 4: Soul Magic

You will be guided to connect with a benevolent and larger aspect of your soul that exists in other dimensions.

Audio 5: Anchoring a larger piece of your soul

In this powerful audio you will be able to connect with a larger piece of your multidimensional soul that is currently residing elsewhere in the universe or the multiverse. You will begin a process of connecting with and anchoring this soul piece into your physical and energy bodies. At the right time for you this will help you to recognize your true soul magnificence and mastery.