Akashic Magic #3 – Manifestation Magic

Digital Format : Four audio recordings and a 15 page workbook.

Length of Program: Recordings 55.27 minutes. Takes approximately 2 1/2 hours to complete.

Manifestation Magic: E Course

‘Manifestation Magic’ will assist you to utilize the powerful energy of the Akashic Records to fulfil your dreams and to manifest your deepest desires.

      This course will help you to:

  • Remove any current and past life blocks to creating abundance.
  • Connect with past life gifts, attributes and experiences that can help you to manifest abundance.
  • Focus on what you want to create and manifest.
  • Access your soul potential.

Manifestation Magic:

Fulfil your dreams and manifest your deepest desires with Chris Wilson author, teacher and healer.

When we are in the energy of the Akashic Records or in any Fifth Dimensional energy it:

  • Raises our vibration.
  • Strengthens our quantum field.
  • Activates the formation of lines of light which come out from the acupressure points in our bodies and form a vortex of energy which is ‘a hothouse for creation and manifestation.’

The Akashic Records give us easy access to this powerful energy which can be used as a tool for transformation.


Session 1: Clearing and Releasing:

Audio 1: Introduction audio.

Identification of personal blocks: Feelings, limiting beliefs, fears and patterns of behavior that are keeping you stuck.

Audio 2: Clearing and Releasing: A powerful audio to assist in clearing and releasing the energetic residue of beliefs and fears stored on a sub-conscious level from this life and from others.

Session 2: Mining the Akash

Identification of personal gifts and attributes you would like to have now.

Audio 3: Mining the Akash: A powerful audio to help you to connect and bring in past life gifts, talents and attributes to help you to manifest your dreams.

Session 3: Manifestation Magic

Identification of specific things you would like to experience or create in the next 12 months.

Audio 4: Manifestation Magic: A powerful audio where, within the energy of your Akashic Record and using a stated intention, affirmations and a manifestation mantra, you are guided to co-create with your Higher Self to make your wishes for the coming year a reality.