Five (60min) Audio Activations

Five (60min) Audio Activations


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Restoring Your Human Templet to the Truth Frequency Series 2 Relationships

5 Week Activation Series to become the Conscious Creator you are always meant to be.

The Ascension process is the releasing of dense frequencies stored within the physical body. The body is vibrating in the false matrix 3-D frequencies through many different beliefs, beliefs systems and technology. We are continually realigning too many of these false emotional frequencies.

The earths resonance frequencies are love, truth, beauty and goodness. These are the core emotional frequencies we are meant to experience, yet we are only experiencing a small range of emotional experiences rooted in the base frequency of fear.

Fear is not an authentic frequency, in that it has no true rhythm. It is a chaotic frequency and when it is your base, all other frequencies lie in the range of fear.

This means that authentic frequencies are never able to be experienced. Authentic frequencies of love and joy for example, are not able to be felt, but instead a false range of these are experienced from the moving away from fear, instead of the authentic place of present moment awareness without judgment. In this presence, true feelings of love and joy can be experience.

Because there has been an energy here for 250,000 years, driving humanity to create these false frequencies, A Mind/Mental Matrix has been created. This is an energetic structure designed as pentagonal shaped boxes created by these false frequencies.

Each week we will release one of these frequencies that has been keeping this structure in place within your physical brain and cellular body.

I will take you through an activation that will expand your energy beyond the space-time continuum and all 3-D reality to easily release the false frequencies to experience authentically the pure presence of the I AM.

This will allow your light to move much more easily and expand. This will give you a base of knowing what these authentic emotions feel like. This will also allow you to further expand and experience true conscious creating.

Week 1 Releasing the False Mother

The False Mother frequency occurs when we seek approval for “being” from the biological Mother- or Creator, as though unconditional love and life (Creation) depend on acceptance.

Mother as a “Role” disempowers (shrinks the divine frequencies of creator)

Divine Mother frequency speaks of Mother as Divine Creator of all things, the one who invasions the Beauty and Goodness of all Matter.

The key to Mother is Creation – Unlimited potential aligning with the Zero point of unlimited potential as Beauty and Goodness.

Freedom from stereotype of Mother given by the false matrix. Releasing allusion of “Biology” as Divine Mother frequency and bringing Divine Mother frequency in balance with all genders (Creator)

Freeing the responsibility to “be” anything as Mother.

The Creator Divine Mother is the element of Unconditional love with Beauty and Goodness as a frequency. Which is Our Creator or Essence of in Human form.

Week 2 Releasing the False Father

False father represents the archetypes of patriarchal control, dominance, passive judge through false structure or frequency of love. The following rules set by false structural, societal beliefs of right and wrong, absent of fluidity and creation. A silent bondage of self occurs and becomes hidden through a desire to be seen and loved. The idea of being “Daddies little girl or boy” pleasing the patriarchal structure.

Divine Creator of all there is holds the structure of all things “Matter” and “Non-Matter”. The grandest of support as witness to all creation as container of all creation.

Divine Father bares witness as holding the structure without interference or judgment or opinion so to speak. A silent yet ever present support of all there is, all we create.

Week 3 Releasing the False Sibling

The False aspect of siblings becomes comparison of mind, control, dominance. A structure is formed of how to be as “one” in a separate matrix structure. The identifying as different or similar from a character way not as an energetic signature. This is why often siblings bond or do not and often can separate from others as they bond together. The bonding is from a comparison of the mind, even though they are most likely energetic signature matches.

The balance happens when the recognization of the energetic signature match occurs and connects to the universal consciousness. Zero point is established to release the illusion of separation from others. Only an energetic signature difference in frequency is left to establish more universal coding of matter within the construct of physicality.

Each of us carries unique energetic signatures connected to age as time within the physical being ness of our physical existence. These signature connections come in forms of siblings, some that match signatures and others that contrast them, simply as experience of energetic signatures. This may be an awareness of a galactic lineage or construct to bring to the physical experience. The matching brings it into form.

Week 4 False Partner/Spouse

False partnership exists with the compromising of self, based on need or manipulation of self or others. A separation of self and self needs and a look outside of self for these needs. This causes a matching of lower frequency alignments based on the false matrix of fixing something or the desire to remove yourself from something instead of experiencing it. The idea to remove yourself from loneliness or fear related to survival. All based on compromising self, not having an experience.

As humans awaken to their divinity and stay within the divine neutrality Zero point, energetic matches occur at multidimensional levels beyond the linear comprehension. This is where divine partnership exists, a soul matching of diversity based on exploration of universal principals desired to be experienced through a divine mirror. This authentic matching occurs when at neutrality Zero point, one experiences self love to purely experience life.

Week 5 False Friend

The False friend is the false frequency of need within the emotional body. False need becomes control or manipulation. The game of tug-a-war with the emotions of another through the body of your own. The need to own or possess another’s emotional energy to feel your neutrality or Zero point.

Authentic friendship is the softening of the frequencies of the heart technology so that all emotions are felt with grace and ease. Through this softening and allowing, a flow occurs within the body which is the flow that matches another. These frequencies encourage a level of emotional freedom which matches Sofia Gaia. This frequency is a level of connectedness to Sofia Gaia which is peace and serenity.