Arcturian Light Transmissions

Arcturian Light Transmissions


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Arcturian Light Transmissions

October 22 & 23 , 2022

Oct. 22 times: 6 am PT/ 7 am MT/ 8 am CT/ 9 am ET/ 1 pm GMT / 2pm UK
(4 hours)

Oct. 23 times: 8 am PT/ 9 am MT/ 10 am CT/ 11 am ET/ 3 pm GMT / 4pm UK
(2 hours)

On Saturday we will have 4 hours together in the higher dimensional energies of the Arcturian and Beings of Light as I Chanel through their energies from the 9th dimensions above.

There will be time for Q & As, where we will learn a lot, and channelled meditations. The energy transmissions will bring us the Equinox downloads and more.

On Sunday, we will be in service to Gaia, as we work with the higher realms to bring healing and the Equinox shift to Gaia.

In this course you will be:

  • Expanded Consciousness
  • Increased spiritual light
  • Greater knowing
  • Enhanced connection to the divine self
  • Lightbody descent
  • Higher awareness
  • Raised perception