Becoming Abundance

On-Demand Course

Becoming Abundance –On-Demand Course


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This 5-part course aligns you with the frequencies of Abundance so that you vibrate and resonate with Abundance frequencies.  The goal is to help you shift into a continuous flow of Abundance .

Becoming Abundance is about more than manifesting a specific item or situation into your life.  It’s a complete shift in the way you are vibrating, thinking, and feeling.  With consistent practice of the skills and exercises presented, you will find your life transforming into an integrated flow of Abundance and 5th Dimensional Consciousness.

No matter what is happening “out there,” you can be living a life of Abundance when you shift your inner state and frequencies.

  1. Discover the 3-D game of poverty consciousness and how to leave the game by shifting your Consciousness into Abundance Consciousness.
  2. Recognize your Power to choose Abundance as a way of being and living.
  3. Learn techniques and affirmations that will help you break out of old habits of thought and emotion.
  4. Experience guided meditations that give you the direct experience of your restored relationship with Abundance.
  5. Receive new insights and understandings that will accelerate your shift in frequencies.
  6. Start noticing how Abundance instantly appears when you pay attention to what you’re receiving with an open heart, open arms, expansive attitudes and beliefs, and a heart overflowing with gratitude and appreciation.
  7. Learn to work with your higher guidance to bring yourself into alignment with Abundance.

You get:

Five (5) MP3 Recordings of Teleclasses

  1. “Escaping Scare City (Scarcity)”
  2. “Abundance Is an Inside Job”
  3. “Releasing Emotional Blocks and Reframing Limiting Beliefs” that are holding you Back in your relationship with Abundance – This recording is an introduction to your private session with Nedda Wittels. (see below for more information)
  4. “Gratitude, Appreciation, and Abundance”
  5. “Living in the Flow of Abundance

One (1) 30-minute Private Session with Nedda as your 3rd Session.

In this session you will release some of your emotional blocks and limiting beliefs related to money and abundance.  More powerful, expansive beliefs will be installed to replace them.

Becoming Abundance: Practice and Guidance PDF

Contains all the home play materials and handouts that will help you make the most progress with this course.