Mastery Empowerment Course: The Road To Balance – September Equinox Series

Activating Crystal Consciousness WithIn You – The Higher Perspective

Mastery Empowerment Course: The Road To Balance - September Equinox Series


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This series is a reconnection to Source; to the Crystal Program which we all come from. As you shed the limitation which is coded in your system new coding can come into you activating your power to radiate out All the You Are.

In each session I open up the space for the energy to come through to each person in the session (at the time or listening to the recording).

  • Session 1: The New Time Energy Structure (Aura), Our Evolution of Consciousness, How it all Works
  • Session 2: Energy Management Techniques, How to Keep Your Energy to Yourself, Awareness of What Is Your Energy and What to Do with the Energy That is not Yours
  • Session 3: Recorded Energy Transmission to Integrate and Ground all Information and Activate New Parts of Yourself. The transmission is a Healing, Retrieval and Activation.

Each person specifically receives the healing/clearing/activation and integration that is optimal for them. The energy is High Frequency and Love-Intelligent and knows where to work in each person on the different levels of the body and energetic field.

This is a very profound process where all you have to do is relax and receive as your system is being re-wired to a higher vibration!

You are in for a wonderful process back to Balance – Back to YourSelf!

Throughout each sessions you will be:

  • Understanding and Integrating the Crystal Energy
  • Expanding your perception and consciousness
  • Aligning yourself to Your Truth
  • Integrating your Higher Self
  • Releasing your imprinting / trauma / density
  • Ask Questions, Listen to Comments