Set of Energy Transmissions Leading to Wesak

Three 60 Minute Sessions

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Integrating The Qualities of the Buddha (Crystal Consciousness)

This month of May comes in very strongly! With so many of us focused on our Evolution and the Evolution of the Whole.

We have been going through immense wakeup calls and this is not by chance!! We are at a stage where our Planet is vibrating Higher and Higher as we speak.

It is time for us to take responsibility for Ourselves. Remember why we came to this Planet at this time and what gifts and talents we are here to deliver.

May is a month where we all have the opportunity to clear more of our wounds, programming and conditioning. Many of the things we believe we are are really not, they are just our cage which limits us from Being our full potential here on Earth.

See yourself as a computer which is coded with information which is no longer useful, now you have the opportunity to let go of that coding and integrate new coding which is your potential and gifts, Your Essence.

In this May Series you will be releasing so much of the old and bringing in the new! Integrating Crystal Consciousness, expanding your Consciousness to bring in more of the Energy which You Truly Are!

There is a very specific process to these group transmissions – the energy works specifically for each person, accessing the whole of your body and energy field, making sure your energetics can vibrate higher and higher each time.

A lot of what is being released we do not actually need to know, but, sometimes there are specific issues, and if that is so in the session I will specifically be guided to work with a specific issue, going to the core of the issue in order to release deep systemic conditioning. These issues could seem particular to one, but it touches each person in the session and the Whole. You are not your programming, your ancestry, the system .. You are your own Essence and a representative of Source on Earth and in these sessions you activate to remember.

You Are Your Own Self But You Are Not Separate From The Whole. The More Powerful And Stronger You Become Within Yourself The More You Assist In The Process For The Whole.

Love YOU! B

BUDDHA Series – Set of Energy Transmissions

This series of energy transmissions leads up to the day of WESAK, or the commemoration day of the Buddha.

Each transmission contains the coding to embody and remember on a cellular level the qualities of the Buddha within us. Throughout the sessions we will be going through a journey, clearing chakras, trauma in the body or in your energy field, and creating empowerment within.

The energy that you will open up to receive is Love-Intelligent and works with each person specifically to bring them back to Balance.

If you are called to this process you will bring into your body and consciousness the Buddha Consciousness (Crystal Consciousness).

For these sessions, there is nothing to prepare apart from having a glass of drinking water and receiving Your Self.

If you are open to receive, a lot can change in very little time!!!


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