Special Offer: Balance On All Levels – A New Platform of Consciousness

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Simple & Radical Methods to Balance Your Energy Field, Your Elements and To Activate Crystallisation

This course is 3 sessions. Each one of the sessions will review certain aspects of coming into Balance.

Session 1:

Understanding Energy – What is Yours & What Isn’t & Straightforward Tools For Maintaining Your Energy Field in Balance:

  • Learn how to keep your energy field in order
  • Take good care of yourself
  • Learn how to convert resistance to benefit yourself
  • Learn how to handle an energy thief
  • Learn what to do when you encounter unpleasant people
  • Learn how to attract positive people and situations
  • Learn how the energy around you decreases and how to lift the energy

Session 2:

Understanding the Elements Within Us & Learning To Keep Them In Balance:

  • Learn & Understand the qualities of the Fire Element
  • Learn & Understand the qualities of the Water Element
  • Learn & Understand the qualities of the Earth Element
  • Learn & Understand the qualities of the Air Element

Session 3:

Q&A Session – Balance On All Levels

  • Clarify questions in regards from previous session
  • Group Activation and Balance

In this powerful training with Barbara, you will discover:

  • Become aware of energy and how to keep your energy field in order

  • Maintain your high frequency in a much more responsible way

  • Understand what is yours and what isn’t

  • Become aware of the important role the Elements play in our life

  • Understand how keeping your Elements in Balance makes a radical difference in our reality

  • Understand how each Element is linked to the Higher Dimensions

  • Light Language Energy Activation to come bring Elements into Balance

  • Bring clarity to all the material

  • Practice the tools together

  • Light Language Activation for integration