New Earth Quantum Healing Activations Practitioner Training

+ the Masterclass


New Earth Quantum Healing Activations Practitioner Training + Masterclass


Beloved hearts, this is a year of expanding our Service work and stepping up as the open hearts in this Golden Age of Light. If you enjoy being of Service to others, and would  like to add some awesome and amazing energy techniques to your toolbox that can be share with your Light Tribe one-on-one or in group settings, consider joining our New Earth Quantum Healing Practitioner Training on the Divinity Codes & The Golden Sun Temple of Isis.

In this second two hours live on Zoom, following on from our main Masterclass, we will provide you with techniques and tools that will expand your Light, elevate your Consciousness, and in a step by step process show you how to be a powerful New Earth Quantum Healer and Guide.

You will be provided with a manual that you can use for your Light Tribe, with the main guided visualizations and quantum healing tools utilized in this masterclass course.


You will receive a two-hour bonus Mp3 on the main technique utilized here – The Golden Sun Flower of Life Zero Point Activation


We will cover marketing suggestions to create an awareness of yourself as a New Earth Quantum Healer and Guide. We will provide a template for your website page promoting a New Earth Quantum Healing Session as well as a suggested eBook as a free gift for your Light Tribe


Ongoing Monthly Q&A Zoom Support Meet-Ups with Anrita Melchizedek

This New Earth Quantum Healing Activation Practitioner Training will assist you to:

  • Collapse and dissolve old timelines, emotional blocks, false beliefs and judgments as you exist Old Earth
  • Stabilize your frequency to the vibration of New Earth and merge with and integrate more deeply your Soul Light and Higher Selves
  • Express all from the Loving Heart
  • Deepen into the Quantum Field and ability to draw to you all you need in each Now moment
  • Experience all that is Soul aligned to your Universe
  • Activate your Soul Blueprint
  • Re-Write, Recode and expand your Consciousness through the Heart of Love
  • Activate your Pineal Gland
  • Become a New Earth Guide and Quantum Healer to your Light Tribe