New Earth Quantum Healing Activations Practitioner Training

+ the Masterclass


Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades Practitioner Training + Masterclass


Downloadable Replay Now Available


Beloved heart, should you be interested in being a Practitioner to the Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades, you will be able to offer  one-on-one sessions, online or in person or Pleiadian Chi Ball Attunements to your Light Tribe.

Following your training, you will be provided with a Pleiadian Photonic Light Healing Attunements Manual documenting each ailment focused on in each Attunement,  and a clear understanding as to how you can use this manual.


We will show you how to use Kinesiology and to Pendulum, to tune in more deeply to each of your Soul Clients


We will provide a template for your website page promoting a Galactic Activation Session


You will receive a Q&A Zoom Support Session with Anrita Melchizedek within a couple of weeks of the Practitioner Training.

We will further be working with a beautiful Andara Crystal frequency of encoded Pleiadian Blue Diamond White Photonic Light, and these Andara are also available as beautiful pendants and stones.

These Pleiadian Photonic Light Physical Body Upgrades Wholeness Attunements will assist you to:

Upgrade the Physical Body energetically to bring online the Templates of Perfect Health, Well-Being and More

Resolve and dissolve and expand beyond the old frequencies, densities, toxicities and more

Express all from the Loving Heart

Deepen into the Quantum Field and connect to many of your Galactic Higher Selves

Connect to beautiful Healing Teams and Pleiadian Emissaries of Light on the Inner Planes

Re-Write, Recode and expand your Consciousness through the Heart of Love

Bring online your Crystalline Light Body with deepening levels of Soul Merging and Photonic Light

We look so forward to having you join us beautiful heart in this powerful Practitioner Training with your guide Anrita Melchizedek