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Galactic DNA Activation and Photonic Chambers of Light

Mastery Empowerment Course: New Earth Quantum Healing Activations

  • Galactic DNA Activation and Photonic Chambers of Light

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Beloved hearts, we invite you to our latest video on New Earth Quantum Healing Activation on the Galactic DNA Activation and Photonic Chambers of Light

In this Galactic DNA Activation and Photonic Chambers of Light masterclass, our Galactic aspects come forward to merge with us and place us in various Photonic Chambers of Light. These powerful and transforming Photonic Chambers are Healing Chambers created through the advanced technologies of the Galactics. The Photonic Healing Chambers form three-dimensional rectangular laser light grids around the body and energy field, with particular sacred geometries, sound and color frequencies whilst transmitting Photonic Light frequency codes 24/7.

Additionally, we experience the activation of the axiatonal lines, fire letters, the Galactic DNA Codes of Light and the merging and integration of our Christed ET Selves as our cells become energy and Light. The axiatonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridian lines and connect into twelve spin points of sound and color frequencies found along each meridian line. The activation of these 144 spin points creates the appropriate sound and color frequencies necessary to potentially create the regeneration and rejuvenation of the physical body to experience and become the Light Body.

Photonic Light is what we experience as our Soul embodies, as we clear density and expand from Starseed to Soulseed to Star Being and then Source Light. Essentially, we become Photonic Light, as we shift our carbon-based cells/realities to silica then Crystalline than Photonic Light as our “Quantum Light Body Awakens”. With this Soul embodiment ascension process, our physical bodies evolve into oscillating Light frequencies, with each level of our Light Quotient dictating a particular level of Quantum Consciousness. In this process all new realities are created from within by expanding beyond the old through the radiance of our cells (selves) and into new levels and dimensions of be-ingness (and do-ingness).

This is an immense process of atomic and molecular restructuring, reprogramming, rewriting, recording, transmitting and embodying the frequencies of Light from On High through the Divine Living Intelligence of our DNA and Photonic Light to experience our Physical Light Body. Through clearing all misaligned frequencies, energies and old structures within the body and energy field our Consciousness expands, and we can experience the vitality and good health that is our birthright as we shift the vibration of our cells to become simply “energy and Light”. The atmosphere around us changes too, as we deepen into the One Unified Field of Light and Gaia Consciousness, breathing into the Light Particles, Photons, Plasma Light and more.

Primarily though, in functioning as Light and embodying Photonic Light, where our physical body works with us, and for us, we hold all as pure Love from deep within. For it is the ability to maintain an open heart, no matter what is being experienced within our realities, that determines the frequency and vibration of our physical bodies, and with this, our level of well-being through our ability to “let go and let god”.

Photonic Light is also loud. It amplifies the “head noise”, false beliefs and judgments. It creates distortions within to show us what we “hid away” or “did not want to see” or “did not see”. This phase where all that is hidden reveals, is what we also refer to as the “heaven and hell” archetypes and can be very challenging as we release all “lack of” and deepen into trusting and surrendering to our Universe.


What prevents us from fully embodying our Soul Light (Photonic Light) is the holding on to the old stories, attachments, false beliefs and judgments and this is where these beautiful and powerful Galactic DNA Activations and Photonic Chambers of Light can assist.

The Galactics that step forward to assist us in these Photonic Healing Light Chambers are the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light, the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light, the Venusian Emissaries of the Light and the Lyrian Celestial Beings of Light from On High.

How these Galactic DNA Activations and Photonic Chambers of Light work is that we invoke and call upon these Galactic Beings as well as the Andarian Beings that work as an interface to take us multidimensional. We then merge with our Galactic Higher Self aspects through the Overlighting of these Light Beings as we experience the activation of the axiatonal lines, fire letters, and the Galactic DNA Codes of Lights. Following this, we experience the related Photonic Healing Chamber of Light through our Higher Self aspects to bring forth our realities in which the atoms and molecules within the body create new shape and form as vortices of Light for each frequency (manifestation) we wish to experience within/as our reality. Where all is felt and experienced through Love, Unity, and all that is Highest Aligned and where our physical bodies no longer experience dis-ease and dis-comfort. Where false beliefs and judgments are transcended and released as we move beyond the veils of illusion and the knowing that the lower timelines no longer serve and deepen into our loving hearts. Where All Is Love and Love is All There Is.

We are offered an opportunity to experience the following Galactic DNA Activations and Photonic Chambers of Light:

Purification and Detoxification Photonic Healing Chamber of Light

This is a very deep Photonic Healing Chamber that will release much density within the body and energy field including Addiction with Diamond White Light and the Flame of Purity. It further activates the fifth dimensional gamma hertz healing frequencies of between 40hz-100hz.

Pleiadian Self Love Photonic Healing Chamber of Light

This is a beautiful Green Flame, soft and gentle healing frequency that keeps the heart open to greater levels of Self Love, Self-Nurturing and Self Appreciation, primarily experienced through the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light. It dissolves lesser than and better than consciousness, fear, grief and anxiety as we expand beyond the old.

Sirian Higher Self Empowerment Photonic Healing Chamber of Light

This powerful Photonic Healing Chamber of Light is a Blue Gold Flame and takes us into merging and integrating our Sirian Higher Self for greater levels of will and power and consciousness expansion. With this, we release anger, separation, and perceived helplessness, and/or victim/persecutor consciousness as we experience new levels of communication, expression and empowerment.

Abundance and Prosperity Consciousness Photonic Healing Chamber of Light

This Photonic Healing Chamber is a powerful Red Orange Flame with Rainbow Hues that spirals up and down the lower chakras and into each cell holding false beliefs around “abundance consciousness” whilst shifting us into new ways of being and doing through the kundalini and tantric activations as we further merge with our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Spirits.

Vaccination and Shedding Photonic Healing Chamber of Light

This is a powerful Rainbow Light Flame with Golden Frequencies that assists in the effects of vaccinations and shedding from being around those that are vaccinated. It works through the blood, muscles and nervous system to spin the sub-atomic particles in crystalline frequencies whilst releasing fear, dis-comfort and the effects of vaccines.

Calm and Peaceful Arcturian Photonic Healing Chamber of Light

This Photonic Healing Chamber of Light works by activating the Pineal Gland and recalibrating the Left and Right Hemispheres of the Brain as well as activating the Crystals within the body as multidimensional receptors to New Earth. We further experience the release of serotonin, endorphins and other receptors that create a feeling of peace and calm, insight and understanding as the nervous system and central nervous system are recalibrated.

Joyful Sirian Dolphin Photonic Healing Chamber of Light

A beautiful Photonic Healing Chamber of Light that brings greater levels of joy and innocence into our lives whilst releasing grief, judgment and blame.

Pet Soul Aspects Merging Photonic Healing Chamber of Light

A beautiful Photonic Healing Chamber of Light that merges all the Soul aspects of our pets through the various timelines. Mostly, each pet we have has experienced many lifetimes as other animals, birds, dragons, and the like, and in this Photonic Healing Chamber, these aspects merge into this Now, giving a much greater sense of Self and Presence to our pets.

With each Photonic Light Chamber, we will additionally experience the Galactic DNA Activation as well as the activation of the Fire Letters, Key Codes and Axiatonal Lines.

Join us in this powerful New Earth Quantum Healing Session beloved hearts as together we co-create our Heaven on Earth.


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