Package B-Moving Forward Fearlessly with Purpose


Plus Package A

Package B: Moving Forward Fearlessly with Purpose

  • Plus Package A

2 Payment Option Available

Moving Forward Fearlessly with Purpose- 20 Codum Transmissions
12 Codums from Package A plus 8 Codum transmissions in Package B
Retail Value $730.00
Special offer $197

1: This Codum Releases collected trauma from your information field – includes trauma from the Collective.

2: This codum: Being on your Path and Staying on your Path

3: This Codum: New abundant energy for the New Times and Age.

4: This codum is for Loving your Totality

5: This Codum: Being Aligned with Total Beingness

6: This Codum: Activates the shift to Freedom, Sovereignty, Light and Love.

7: This codum allows Source to create through you without the egoic structure being in the way. Free Flow the Flow!!

8: This codum brings in the energies Awareness of Awakened Consciousness

BONUS CODUM! For those who desire it, I will give a codum transmission that helps Awaken you to the next level for you personally. This will be a slight shift up, not a massive awakening. You will get to choose on a scale of 1-6 how much you want or I can ask your Higher Self for you what is appropriate.