Special Offer: Group Power Healing® Live Session

Supporting and Embodying Your NOW Choices: Heal, Clear, Reconcile, Let Go of What No Longer Fits

Mastery Empowerment Course: Group Power Healing® Live Session on September 9th

  • Supporting and Embodying Your NOW Choices: Heal, Clear, Reconcile, Let Go of What No Longer Fits

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Important things to know about Ambujam’s Group Power Healing® replays and how to get the most out of them: Replays are extremely powerful and are just like attending live sessions. They work with many aspects of you at once. Treat each replay like a live session and bring your choices for healing and Spirit will work with these as well as what occurred during each session. No driving or doing anything that needs your focus while listening.

This is a unique energetic week because on the most subtlest of levels and not so subtle, people are making personal pivot choices to move into what choices feel more right at this time. You are feeling and listening to your truth from your heart and if you know something is no longer right for you now, or something new is right for you, you’re making moves to follow your now-in-the-moment feeling, knowings.

 And the thing is, this is a continuous journey. So where you are right now is the information you have right now to make your current deepest truest choices possible. Then your choices lead you to your next moves and so on. You are a verb, not a static noun. You are constantly awakening to your true nature and this will constantly unfold you into your next levels of YOUR information and what feels right for you.

Spirit offers this session to support you in your now-choices: helping you reconcile, heal and clear what no longer fits for you and embody, honor and speak to what is. 

This entire session is fluid, alive and meets you in the moment to heal, clear the old and leap forward into your new:

  • You’ll honor your now-in-the-moment current path.
  • You’ll deeply let it go and say goodbye to all that which no longer fits or feels right for you now, through sacred honor and Grace.
  • As you let go and move forward, it reveals your next no-longer-fitting-you layers of energy and consciousness within.
  • Then you heal, clear and let go more.
  • As you heal, clear and let go more, you’ll leap forward more.
  • Then repeat….

This session supports your in the moment on-the-move process by locating, addressing and clearing old choices, fears, hurts, old ways of being, old energies and energies not you to make your next levels of your journey easier:  

  • Your inner levels of awakening, personal healing themes, life themes, your spiritual and self-embodiment connected to these levels of being you will reveal all the specific multi-dimensional and this life’s layers for accelerated healing, clearing and embodiment.
  • We’ll partner and work with your many choices in your deepest heart for healing, changes, being in your next levels of awakening, true self.
  • We’ll work with the energy activations and shifts that will be present during the time of this session and what’s up and coming.
  • Receive specific information, empowering guidance and teachings for how to navigate your deepest changes, the current energies, your spiritual quickening and living your highest path of deepest inner truth.
  • Heal and evolve quicker, embody your true self deeper and move forward.
  • Receive the new energies easier, align and BE your deeper empowered powerful self easier.

Your inner being/true self/heart’s wisdom knows EXACTLY where you are on your path and will bring your specific changes for easier clearing, awakening, growth, evolution and embodiment:

  • Release/move beyond countless layers of: ego, old identities, old pain, confusions, energy attachments, stories, beliefs, the roots of original energy patterns, disempowerments, trapped emotions, traumas, that weird funky stuff that’s hard to name, past-life energies and root causes of old ways of being, this life emotional energies and ways of being, old choices that no longer serve… the list of it all is unlimited because YOU bring it all in the moment.