Special Offer: Group Power Healing® Live Session

Endings: Accelerated Healing, Deep Support, Self Honoring

Mastery Empowerment Course: Group Power Healing® Live Session on 11/03

  • Endings: Accelerated Healing, Deep Support, Self Honoring

2 Payment Option Available

Downloadable Replay Now Available

Important things to know about Ambujam’s Group Power Healing® replays and how to get the most out of them: Replays are extremely powerful and are just like attending live sessions. They work with many aspects of you at once. Treat each replay like a live session and bring your choices for healing and Spirit will work with these as well as what occurred during each session. No driving or doing anything that needs your focus while listening.

There are profound deep endings many are going through right now on so many levels. You can be ending many things or many things are ending for you. AND…with endings also comes new beginnings. All this ending is making room for what’s to come for you. Endings can be happening emotionally, mentally, situationally, spiritually, physically, internally, externally… the list of endings are endless right now so the new can come in.

This Friday’s energy is that space in between both endings and when new beginnings begin:
1. Receive deep energetic support to help you effortlessly and lovingly own and embrace where you are right now, honor yourself, your path and your endings.
2. We’ll simultaneously bring faster healing to what’s ending for you to help you let go of what’s letting go and move forward with more ease, inner peace, empowerment, sovereignty and your wholeness.

All you need to do is just be, feel and experience and the session does the rest!

  • This session meets you exactly where you are in your endings, beginnings, awakening and healing journey to embrace, welcome and heal easier.
  • Clear core energy patterns and layers of Soul History faster that you no longer fits you and no longer need to hold.
  • We’ll partner with the current energy activations, shifts and what’s up and coming to receive the higher frequencies to embody your NOW YOU easier.
  • Receive specific information, empowering guidance and teachings for how to navigate your endings and this high-powered time and your spiritual quickening and living your highest path of deepest inner truth.
  • Evolve quicker, embody your true self deeper and move forward.
  • Release/move beyond layers and layers of: ego, old identities, old pain, confusions, energy attachments, stories, beliefs, the roots of original energy patterns, disempowerments, trapped emotions, traumas, that weird funky stuff that’s hard to name, past-life energies and root causes of old ways of being, this life emotional energies and ways of being, old choices that no longer serve… the list of it all is unlimited because YOU bring it all in the moment.

Each Group Power Healing® session is unique and its own session because they always work with where you are in the moment, creating spontaneous massive multi-dimensional healing spanning through lifetimes, other worlds and universes you’ve lived in:

We always work with the current energy shifts for understanding what’s going on, how it’s affecting you, how to move through them and navigate your spiritual quickening/awakening journey through self-empowerment.