Mastery Empowerment Course: Ecstasy

Mastery Empowerment Course: Ecstasy


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2023 is bringing many of us into the fullness of our power, which is the fullness of our PLAY.

We are being guided into brand new realms – the realms or higher emotional states of joy, freedom, ecstasy.

We are being asked to step into our luminous selves, our illuminated light bodies, our mastery.

And yet when something is new, it can be hard to even perceive it from our human perspective…

Does it really exist?  What is the next step to getting there? And who am I to believe I deserve it??

ECSTASY is my offering to help us awaken and step in.

In ECSTASY, my 6-week online course, I will help you clear, activate, and open to these higher frequency realms.

Through teachings and activations, I will assist you in unblocking your sexual energy, so that you can experience for yourself these high levels of pleasure.

Together we will activate you into:

🔥How to unblock ourselves from shame.

🔥How to connect our sexuality and our spirituality.

🔥How to have full body orgasmic experiences.

🔥How to manifest through awakening our sexual energy.

You will become more alive, more in your power, and more joyful as a result, and will send a ripple of ecstatic awakening into the world and with everyone you meet.