Mastery Empowerment Course: The Alchemical Relationship

Dynamic Magic & Freedom Series

Mastery Empowerment Course: The Alchemical Relationship


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Experience the Path of the Alchemical Relationship – which is the Sacred Marriage within. The Harmonizing Christ Consciousness; as Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine & Divine Child – Unify & Fly. Magic & Transformation take place. Open & access this path to Your Powerful & Playful Nature – through the Temple of Alchemical Union, Divine Partnership & Sacred Sexuality.

Giving Space for Freedom, Pleasure, Play, Alchemy, Magic & Creation to flow.

Create & Cultivate the Alchemical Container of Your Light-Body Temple & Life-Force Energy. When Utilized, Activated & Directed = Life-Force / Sexual Energy is Light-Body, Ascension FUEL. Densities, illusions, trauma & low vibes are Transmutated into High Vibes – GOLD!

Journey the Quantum Realms & Enter the Mystery School / Ashram Experience. Learn to Partner with Source & the Enlightened Ones. Develop a Greater Connection to Your Personal Mission Blueprint, Teams & Guides. Experience a more Integral Foundation, where Greater Life-Force will Flow! The Team & Guides are Preparing an Alchemical LOTUS Chamber for Each One. Mother Isis, Ascended Master Saint Germain, Archangel Jophiel, Lord Sananda & Lady Nada, Djwal Kul, Ruby Dragon Grandmother, Grandmother Unicorn and many others will be Guiding & Partnering with each one intimately.

  • Self-Devotion, Self-Worth, Self-Love & Self-Care
  • Alchemy & Empowerment
  • Sex Magic, Play & Innocence
  • Cultivate Divinely Aligned Partnerships
  • Welcome in the New – Soul Partners
  • Heart Portal Technologies – Heart Breath
  • Sacral Womb Activations
  • Ancient Egyptian Fire Breath
  • Sacred Pleasure Practice – Crystal Egg & Wand
  • Light Body Awakening, Ascension
  • Timeline Healing, Merging & Jumping
  • Manifestation & Quantum Creation

This Mystery School Series Dives into Advanced Understanding – of Energy, Alchemy, Creation, Pleasure Empowerment, Tools, Techniques & Applications. Understand the Body’s Amazing Technologies & how to Harness Your Life-Force Power. Using the Alchemical Practice – one can Practice with a Partner, with themselves & with Spirit. Learn Ancient Energy Techniques & Breath work. Experience the Body as a Vast Universe Portal, Playground & Conscious Creation Garden. Seed Plant, Create & Transform.

Understand Your Innocence of Divine Origin, as the Perfect Expression of – Sacred Sexuality:

  • Electrical & Magnetic
  • Expansive
  • Transformative
  • A Dynamic Ride of Pleasure & Bliss
  • Fun, Playful & Awakening
  • Healing, Alchemical & Quantum
  • Creative & Powerful
  • Freedom & Liberation

Each one will be held in an Alchemical – LOTUS Chamber / Container throughout the weeks. Working within Multi-Dimensional Experiences, Quantum Realms, Grids, Temples & Timelines. This Dynamic Energy will Be Fun, Light, Creative, Enticing & Expansive! Be Supported with an Online Portal for Communication ~ with Quantum Tool-Kits, Notes & Diagrams. Also, receive Information to support Your Sacred Yoni, Crystal Egg & Wand Practice.

Enjoy the Experience of Safety & Security. As You hold Space for Your Self & Your Sacred Community of New Earth Leaders; Your Energy Container will Heal, Up-Level & Expand!
This Dynamic Series, is a Mystery School Experience – in the Presence each One’s Great “I AM” & the Now Moment. Multi-Dimensional Timelines, Timeline Jumping & Anchoring of Love / Light Occurs Perfectly. Receive Dispensations from the Enlightened Ones – of Energy Codes, Up-Grades, Precious Gems, Activations & more. Lady Quan Yin, Archangel Michael & Archangel Faith; the 3 will be Intimately Over-Lighting & Partnering with You, throughout Your journey. As an Alchemical / Temple Experience, this is a Personal Devotion to Self & the Ascension Journey.

From this place:

  • Temple SELF-Expansion.
  • Life-Force Energy Activates.
  • Kundalini, Shakti & Light Flows.
  • Self-LOVE Expands.
  • Spiritual Gifts & Intuition Upgrade.
  • You become more Magnetic.
  • You Manifest, Create & Receive with Greater Ease.
  • Develop Your Inner Technologies & Source Points.
  • Divinely Aligned Partnerships Dance with Synchronicities.
  • Your God / Goddess Self Awakens.
  • You Radiate Your Brilliant Love / Light.
  • You Experience Love, Empowerment, Peace & Success!

Mastery Empowerment Course : 3-Part Series – $99
The Alchemical Relationship –
Dynamic Magic & Freedom Series
= 3 Live Classes with Lauren & Alissa Jane:

  • 3 Live Class Sessions = 2-Hours each.
  • Live + Replays Available.
  • Integration time between Class Sessions – for Transformation & Timeline Jumping.
  • Online Portal, Notes, Diagrams, Questions & Answers.
  • Full Support along the way.
  • Open for Everyone + Couples.