Mastery Empowerment Course :  Power of Pleasure

The Quantum Psychics of Sex Magic & Alchemy

Mastery Empowerment Course: Power of Pleasure


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POWER of PLEASURE = 1 Live Class with Lauren & Alissa Jane:

  • 1 Live Class Session = 2-Hours.
  • Live + Replays Available.
  • Diagrams, Support & Questions Answered.
  • Open for Everyone + Couples.

– Sex Magic & Sacred Relationship
– Pleasure Empowerment
– Alchemy & the Quantum Realm
– Balance Your Goddess / God / Child Within
– Heart Portal = Heart Technologies
– Sacral Womb Activation
– Energy Tools & Breath Techniques
– Light Body Awakening & Ascension
– Manifestation & Healing

Explore the beautiful path of Sex Magic, Alchemy & Sacred Relationship – the Path of Empowerment & Ascension – the Path of Self-Love. Lighting the way to Experience Christ Consciousness; as the Balance of the Divine Feminine, the Divine Masculine & the Divine Child within. From this center of Harmony, each one will:
– Receive & Create with Greater Ease.
– Advance their Spiritual Gifts & Intuition.
– Alchemicalize Density & Illusion into High Vibrations.

Learn how to utilize Sexual Pleasure & Bliss – for Spiritual Ascension & Light Body Awakening. Use Sexual Ecstasy as a substance for the Alchemical Relationship within. Activate your Life-Force Energy. Harness the Power of Bliss for Manifestation & Conscious Creation. Partner with the Divine in all of Life & Cultivate Sacred Relationships.

During Pleasure Experiences, the Divine Technologies of the body Awaken. Pleasure & Bliss are High Vibrational Frequencies that support the Light Body Journey. Pleasure & Orgasm are open doorways to each ones Divine Presence.

With Sexual Pleasure, the Quantum Experience, Magnetics, Electronics & Sacred Substances within the body become Amplified. These can be Directed & Utilized. Life-Force Energy / Kundalini / Sekhem – Magnifies with Sexual Flow & Ecstasy.

As the Light Body Awakens, each one becomes more Magnetic. Conscious Manifestation happens with Greater Ease. Peace, Empowerment & Joy will flow. The natural state of Harmony – Activates.

The Divine Feminine Magnetics of Receiving, the Divine Masculine Electronics of Giving & the Divine Child Illumination of Appreciation find Balance. Here is where one will experience great Pleasure!

In this Mastery Empowerment Course:
• Learn how to Utilize the Body’s Divine Light / Love Technologies for Spiritual Ascension.
• Understand the Quantum Realm & Alchemy taking place during Sexual Pleasure.
• Sexuality as Spirituality.
• Activate your Life-Force Energy.
• Experience a Guided Temple Journey & Energetic Activation with the Enlightened Ones.
• Be Supported on Your Path of Success!

  • Utilize Sexual Pleasure for the Path of Spiritual Ascension
  • Use Alchemical Tools to Activate the Light Body
  • Harness the Power of Bliss for Manifestation & Conscious Creation