Mastery Empowerment Course :  3-Part Series

Mastery Empowerment Course: Foundation for Alchemical Union


Downloadable Replay Now Available

Foundation for Alchemical Union – Mystery School Series = 3 Live Classes with Lauren & Alissa Jane:

  • 3 Live Class Sessions >>> 2-Hours each.
  • Live + Replays Available.
  • Integration time between Class Sessions – for Transformation & Timeline Jumping.
  • Notes, Diagrams & Full Support along the way.
  • Open for Everyone + Couples.

Foundation for Alchemical Union

Sacred Sexuality & Relationship is the Path of Empowerment & Ascension. Becoming God & Goddess – Christ Consciousness. It is through Sacred Relationship with Self, that each one finds Wholeness. From this place, Perfect Partnership & Divine Union with Self & Another will Flourish. Relationship with all of Life & the Divine will Flourish.

With Ancient Energy Skills & Techniques, learn to Activate Your Life-Force, Cultivate, Harness & Direct it:

  • Activating Your Energy Body more Fully
  • Becoming more Magnetic
  • Able to Manifest, Create & Receive Your Dream Life, with Greater Ease!

Learn to utilize Sexual Pleasure, Alchemically Awaken Your Light Body & Activate the Path of Ascension. Heal trauma & dense programing with Pleasure, Bliss & Love. Learn how to bring in Sacred Practice of Crystal Eggs & Wands for Healing Support, Clearing, Activating & Pleasure.

Be held in an Energetic Container throughout the weeks of your Journey. Work with the Angels & Guides to Support your Pleasure Empowerment Path ~ Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, Archangel Faith, Mother Isis & many Other Enlightened Ones will Partner with You on Your Path.

  • Develop Your Relationship with Your Goddess / God Within
  • Experience Shakti ~ Kundalini Awakening
  • Cultivate Your Balance, Vibrancy, Confidence & Radiant Energy Flow
  • Expand & Cultivate Your Heart-Space & Sacral
  • Love Yourself More
  • Love Your Partner More
  • Love Life More
  • Receive Greater Ease of Abundance, Health, Spirit- Connection, Joy, Inspiration, Pleasure, Bliss & more…