Next Livestream is Friday, December 15th:
6pm PT / 7pm MT / 8pm CT / 9pm ET / 2AM GMT (next day)


Without Self There Is Nothing

Join Alicia in her monthly Livestream where Creator Beings uplift our lives, infuse unbelievably high LIGHT into our Soul Fields and upgrade our Light Software Higher.

Honoring SELF before everything else is an ancient knowledge and skill that spiritual scholars and wisdom keepers have taught through the ages.

Why? Because there literally is nothing else.

It is ALL you.

And so, in our Friday Livestream, this profound truth will be explored in a channeled teaching from the Creator Beings.

The LEVELS of awakening to this truth are mind-bending, especially since the Creator Beings ALWAYS teach ‘experientially’ – rather than via intellectual theory.

As one REALIZES this truth, FREEDOM becomes your savior.

Freedom from norms, have to’s, to-do lists, religious frameworks, ideas of ‘God’ or spirit, ideas of ‘what’ you are, ‘who’ you are.

Freedom from expectations of what ‘should’ be occurring in any moment.

Freedom from others’ point of view, especially their opinions of you.

We’ll hear how the Creator Beings see this specialized ‘awakening’ as their priority. Because without it, one is CAUGHT – in fear and doubt. (Lightworkers, we all experience this!)

In our (always exponentially powerful) spirit journey – we will be taken ‘Home’ to extremely high Light Spheres, and REMINDED via deep psychic rewiring, that ALL is YOU.