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Accelerated Healing for Inner Child and Younger Selves

Mastery Empowerment Course: Group Power Healing®

  • Accelerated Healing for Inner Child and Younger Selves

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Important things to know about Ambujam’s Group Power Healing® replays and how to get the most out of them: Replays are extremely powerful and are just like attending live sessions. They work with many aspects of you at once. Treat each replay like a live session and bring your choices for healing and Spirit will work with these as well as what occurred during each session. No driving or doing anything that needs your focus while listening.

There are specific inner child and younger aspects of yourself so significant and key at this time to your current spiritual quickenings, wholeness, understanding, self healing, empowerment and going forward in deeper holistic ways.

You’re going through and embarking on so much profound change right now, you’re having to dig deep to trust yourself in ways that can feel scary or in ways you never have before. The changes you’re going through right now + what the Eclipse will activate are directly related to your inner child and younger parts of yourself.

As you’re going onward and upward right now, it’s activating and awakening certain aspects of your inner child and younger selves to be self aware and also go onward and upward. Your inner child and younger parts are going though their own next levels of healing, owning their truth and growth. Their specific pains, feeling unsafe and traumas are up for deeper healing, understanding and freedom. SO much energy is happening in your body as we’re moving towards this Eclipse and in your transformations, it’s triggering inner child experiences of not feeling safe to be in their bodies, be themselves or to be in the world. Your younger selves can feel scared and overwhelmed right now from all the spiritual quickening and up-leveling. These inner child layers can either be happening consciously or beyond conscious levels.

This session focuses on these aspects of your your inner child and younger selves activate right now to help them feel safe, heal in their next levels, create inner safety, empower, be heard, understood, held space and welcomed just as they are. These parts of you have BIG beautiful amazing magical powerful energy and knowings and it’s time they feel safe in their next levels to be themselves, be in their truths, be in their bodies spiritually, emotionally, humanely. It’s time for these younger selves to deeply feel at home in themselves and with you.

All your significant inner child and younger parts active right now come with you to this session. So, all you need to do is just be and the session will do the rest:

  • Learn which aspects of your inner child and younger selves are active right now, why they’re so significant to you going forward and what’s been happening for them as you’ve been going forward
  • Learn and receive what these parts need for easier-quicker freedom, healing, awakening, clearing and release to be self-empowered and create inner safety
  • Receive and create deeper wholeness and sovereignty with these parts of you
  • Receive accelerated healing and clearing for your WHOLE self: present-day you, inner child, younger selves and related past life, multi-dimensional selves and Soul History
  • Leap forward into empowering, aligning and embodying your next levels of Self in holistic ways
  • Release original root causes of life-themes stemming back through significant lifetimes
  • Receive deep EFFORTLESS clearing of old energy structures holding habitual patterns and cycles in place
  • Remove energies not yours, not you
  • Self empower and align in your new up and coming phases and life changes
  • Receive specific information, empowering guidance and teachings for how to navigate your new changes, your spiritual quickening and living your highest path of deepest inner truth at this time
  • We’ll partner with the current energy activations, spiritual shifts and what’s up and coming to ease your spiritual up-leveling and move you through your changes easier