666 I Am Presence Light Codes Activation – The Power of God I Am

Gamma Rays and Merkaba Lightbody Activation

Two Hour Zoom Masterclass with Anrita Melchizedek

Mastery Empowerment Course: 666 I Am Presence Light Codes Activation – The Power of God I Am


Saturday June 15th

10am PT | 11am MT | 12pm CT | 1pm ET | 5pm GMT

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The key to unlocking the 666 I Am Presence Light Codes – The Power of God I Am, is through the kundalini activation and embodiment of the Divine Masculine. This is further amplified through the Gamma Ray frequencies and Star Light Particles within and with this, the spin of the Merkaba field of Crystalline Consciousness to Zero Point and the Heart of Love and Compassion.

Beloved hearts, we invite you to join us in this powerful Masterclass on the 666 I Am Presence Light Codes Activation – The Power of God I Am as we expand the Gamma Ray frequencies within the body, merge with our Divine Masculine Higher Self aspects and activate our Merkaba field to Zero Point.

Gamma Rays

Gamma Rays are weightless packets of pure energy called photons, packets of light and electromagnetic radiation. They are of the highest frequency and lowest wavelength of all the types of electromagnetic radiation and assist us to activate our fifth dimensional Solar Crystalline Light Body as well as our Merkaba field.

These electric impulses are connected directly to our Divine Masculine frequencies in that they are our Doing aspects, whilst the Divine Feminine is our Being aspects that take us initially into Zero Point and slow us down with Photonic Light infusions.

As Gamma activates within the body, it goes deep into the unconsciousness aspects, false beliefs, judgments and misaligned frequencies to expand our Loving Heart as well as activating through the chakras to deepen the alignment to our Divinity and Beloved I Am Presence.

The Gamma Rays trigger the full range of our feelings, to clear as well as navigate New Earth. With the Gamma frequencies as we experience the purification of old programs, all accelerates.  Time speeds up and we face all we need to, to collapse and dissolve and expand beyond the old timelines, no matter how uncomfortable it may be. Timelines collapse and dissolve as our frequency and vibration shifts to a higher bandwidth of consciousness and light. And with this comes the ability to activate new timelines.

Additionally, as our cells spin in increased light, in this “nuclear fission”, releasing large amount of energy in the form of heat and radiation, we “atomically accelerate” to Crystalline Consciousness whilst the Gamma frequencies assist us to collapse and activate timelines as we deepen into Zero point, where time simply ceases to exist. This means as the Light within increases, we work notably quicker as timelines expand to accomplish all closer to the speed of Light and the Heart of Divine Love.

Divine Masculine

With this deepening connection and alignment to our Universe through our Divine Feminine and the Heart of Divine Love, we merge now with our sixth dimensional Higher Self, primarily our Sirian Higher Self. Our Divine Masculine, our Power aspects, bring online deepening levels of Compassion and Manifestation, Communication, Clear Boundaries, Abundance, Responsibility, Wisdom, Knowledge, Accountability and more. One could say our Divine Masculine Higher Self has both a feminine and a masculine nature, to take us out of judgment of Self and judgment of others as we dissolve all through the Heart of Divine Love.

Additionally, our Golden Sun, our Inner Christ, expands from the Heart Chakra into the Solar Plexus Chakra as the Seat of the Soul, as Soular Christ Consciousness, and another Stargate further activates around the Perineum center/Genetalia area, connecting into the original Divine Blueprinting. As the Kundalini and Pranic energy flow up and down the Spine and through the Chakras in increased Gamma Ray frequencies, the spinal column is further activated.

Pineal Gland

With this, the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) flows through the base of the brain and into the Pineal Gland, creating pressure on the Pineal Gland, which then activates the Third Eye and Star Light Particles (Crystals). This takes us beyond the Veils of Illusion and Ring-Passeth-Nots, and into Crystalline Consciousness, experienced primarily when we are able to enter a Gamma LightBody Brain-Wave State of Consciousness, as we hear and feel all through the inner ears.

Our Pineal Gand releases melatonin to assist us to sleep and “go under” for new programming, as well as DMT and Pinoline to amplify the visual aspects of our New Earth realities with changes in our Consciousness and perceptions of realities.

Pinoline  further enables visions and dream states in the conscious mind as we dream our New Earth realities in being. Our Pineal Gland additionally activates through Vibration, Sound and Magnetic fields, such as Geomagnetic Storms and Solar Flares.

Our Higher Mind and Pineal now attunes to our Universal Heart frequency. Our Loving Heart, when expanded and activated with frequencies of Love and Compassion, amplifies the  electromagnetic field around it, the Toroidal Field. Our Pineal Gland’s sensitivity to electromagnetic energy causes it to vibrate and activate in resonance with both our Heart Chakra/Higher Heart and Physical Heart.

As these two organs entrain together, their high vibration opens the Third Eye (and Heart Chakra) to greater levels of Divine Inspiration, Intuition, and Inner Vision.   Further to this, our Pineal Gland’s connection to spatial orientation and circadian rhythms shifts our perception of space and time as we deepen into Zero Point.

Merkaba Activation

The Gamma Rays, in spinning the sub-atomic particles within the body in increased Light now activate the Merkaba Vehicle of Light along with Photonic Infusions of our Higher Selves.

Our Merkaba field is a living light ship and ascension vehicle and when fully activated can extend up to 54ft in diameter around us. Our Merkaba is used for interdimensional travel in navigating the higher dimensions powered by our Loving Heart and Higher Mind.

In the Merkaba activation, we use the geometry of the Star Tetrahedron - the Merkaba Star - as it connects to the trinity of the Holy Father, the Holy Mother, and the Holy Child, whilst further balancing the polarities of the Masculine and Feminine aspects from within.

Our Physical Body now becomes our Light Body, as well as a Stargate, with a rotational spin enabling us to travel multidimensionally in Consciousness and Light. This is also when gravity goes and we have a sense of free-falling, and then, with complete trust and surrender, we float and expand into Zero Point.

666 I Am Presence Light Codes Activation

In this powerful 666 I Am Presence Light Codes Activation – The Power of God I Am Masterclass you start with a Gamma Ray Healing Activation. We will invoke and call upon our Beloved I Am Presence, Galactic Psychic Surgeons, our Sirian Higher Self and all other Illumined Beings of Light from On High that wish to join us in this powerful I Am Presence Light Codes Activation.

You will request for the Gamma Ray frequencies and Photonic Infusions to activate through and within the body. With beautiful Invocations you will clear eight specific feelings within the body that take you back into the karmic timelines. These feelings are Anguish, Abandonment, Sorrow, Rage, Anger, Bitterness, Fear and Guilt.

In the second part of the Gamma Ray Healing Activation, you work with the Gamma Ray frequencies through the Primary Chakras with beautiful Affirmations to clear and reprogram.

As the Kundalini activates and flows through the body, you then experience a specific breathing technique called the Pineal Gland Spinal Cord Breathing to activate the Pineal Gland.

The Pineal Gland Spinal Cord Breathing assists you to activate the Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) as it flows up the Spine and into the Pineal Gland, in addition to increasing the spin rate of the sub-atomic particles within the body through the sacred geometry of the Merkaba Star.

You utilize the Golden Sun frequencies of the Loving Heart as it expands from the Heart Chakra and around the Crown Chakra and Base Chakra. You visualize within the Heart Chakra the Golden Sun as well as the Merkaba Star. For seven breaths, you breathe in, hold the breath and then release with your arms extended in front of the Heart Chakra as though holding a Golden Ball. On each out-breath the Golden Sun and Merkaba Star expands until fully extended around the upper body as a Golden Sun Orb.

On your next inhalation, you extend your arms level to your Third Eye still holding your energetic Golden Sun Ball/Orb, with your hands now facing the Third Eye. You then gently tilt the sacrum backward, whilst arching the spine. Simultaneously you drop the head backward as far as you can and open the mouth as wide as possible whilst allowing the jaw to soften. Then hold the breath as long as you can. As you then exhale, you will tilt your sacrum forward, and tuck in your tailbone and round your spine as if curling into a ball. You will further bring your elbows together in front of your chest, and let your chin drop toward your chest as you lightly clench your teeth. You will repeat this breath nine times to allow the flow of energy through the CSF to activate the Pineal Gland.

From here you call forth the Lord of Sirius and the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light as you experience the Sirian Higher Self Initiation of Power and Compassion.

You will then activate the Merkaba Lightbody with the Golden Sun Merkaba technique. For the Golden Sun Merkaba Activation, you focus on these three super imposing Star Tetrahedrons – Merkaba Stars - as they are connected to your Etheric, Emotional and Mental Bodies and your original Divine Eight-Cell Blueprint. You will then spin the Emotional and Mental Star Tetrahedrons around your body at specific Fibonacci ratios God speed to infinity, a speed not possible to measure to activate your Merkaba using the energy of the Golden Sun. The Etheric Body Star Tetrahedron remains stationary over the body.

In the Golden Sun Merkaba activation, you work with Nine Dimensions although many more dimensions exist beyond this and simultaneous to this. The primary reason for this is, is the embodiment of your Beloved I AM Presence occurs through the integration of all 144 soul ray aspects of your Self, which include twelve Higher Selves.

At each dimension you will further experience the related Ascension Seats and Higher Chakra anchoring’s to raise your Light and Love Quotient.

This is a very powerful technique taking you into New Earth and a technique you can practice daily to raise your vibration and expand your consciousness as we come together as One Heart and One Love, and physically ascend into New Earth. In addition to this, the more of us able to activate our Merkabas the more we create New Earth together in Unity and Love.

Lastly, we will end with the Grabovoi Codes of Manifestation. These are a manifestation tool based on electromagnetic fields and number codes that further activate through the DNA for greater levels of Abundance and Manifestation and Love.

Join us beloved hearts as the Power of God We Are as we deepen into New Earth and Quantum Consciousness as our Beloved I Am Presence.

Replay video and audio recordings, with and without background music will be available.


Anrita Melchizedek

Voices of the Light Tribe

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