NEO Retreat:  Harmony, Balance & Inner Wisdom

3 Days during the 10-10 Gateway

Free Registration with Streaming Replays

12 Mastery Empowerment Courses ~ for Balance, Harmony & Inner Wisdom

Join us in this  NEO Retreat offering free courses
with activations & information to assist you in this 10-10 window.


In this 3-Day online virtual retreat, you’ll experience activations, transmissions and lessons to: Connect to your Higher Self for Inner Wisdom, Awaken your 3rd, 4th and 5th Eyes, Let go of the Past to bring forth the New, Discover your galactic starseed heritage, Manage your Health with Healing Glyphs, Humming & the Plant Kingdom, Reprogram your Cells for your Light Body,  Heal with the Tree Village,  Connect to the Galactic Stargate of your Heart and Take a virtual pilgrimage to Lemuria.


Featuring Anrita Melchizedek,  Laurie Reyon,  Gene Ang,  Dr. Jean Logan, Dr. Richard London, Lauren Galey, Adalina East, Macaya Miracle,  Jewels Arnes, Kathleen Nagy,  Ana Maria Vasquez  and Ana Estrada



Anrita Melchizedek – Galactic Stargate of the Heart

Lauren Galey – Create Your Passion Matrix

Adalina East – Letting Go of the Past with the Mary Magdalene Collective

Macaya Miracle – Awaken Your 3rd 4th & 5th Eyes

Laurie Reyon – Discover Your Galactic Heritage



Jewels Arnes – Reprogram Your Cells for Light Body

Jean Logan-  Reclaiming Your Health with Sacred Healing Glyphs

Kathleen Nagy – Humming for Health : How to Clear Coronavirus from Sinuses

Ana Maria Vasquez – Natural Wellness: Reclaim an Ancient Ally of Healing


Gene Ang – Arcturian Dream & Sleep Yoga

Ana Estrada – Virtual Pilgrimage to Lemuria

Richard London – Village of Healing Trees