A Clarion Call to Greatness

The world we find ourselves in on a global scale is one where everything mis-aligned from love is up for grabs.  As the old paradigm is crumbling, a new one is emerging. This new paradigm or New Earth is one that every man, woman and child is creating together with the love in our hearts. We are beginning to care about others and voice our discontent with the old ways.  We are not returning to the old ways, or the way it was. Normalcy as we have know it will never be the same. And this is the beautiful opportunity before us.    How New Earth unfolds is dependent upon us.

This is now about a New Way.  A Way of the Heart. And we must look within ourselves, within our bodies to feel the information that presents itself to us from the out side.

This is a planetary opportunity to upgrade all of our broken systems in health, education, government, communication, finances, media, and our own communication to others.

It’s time to get WILDLY CREATIVE with New Earth ideas.   Your Voice is needed. Now.

Share your voice, share it with Divine Love, knowing that you are doing exactly what you came here to do.

We can witness that communities are becoming more important in our own physical localities.  Where we once paid little attention to city councils, mayors, or even governors, now more people are looking to these leaders at grassroots levels.

So share your voice in your local community!

Be a Bringer of Inspiration to all Social Media channels, outlets and streams.   Share your Vision of New Earth.  Share your wildly creative ideas & solutions. Write letters to the local city newspaper’s editor, inspire others on the local Next Door app, send press releases to your local TV stations about the work you are doing in service to the New Way. The New Earth.  Yes, this is our time to Step Up and Share our Voice of Love.

Begin a list of Wildly Creative New Earth ideas and add to it when you get the hit.  These ideas are being presented to us from Higher Realms if we are open enough to receive them.  Get Quiet. Go Within.  Follow Your Breath to Your Sacred Heart.  Ask Your Higher Self to show you what you need to know.  Write down all the information you receive (in words, colors, images, smells, feeling, knowing).

Share this list with your local community, social media and everyone in your world.


You came to this planet to change the world. Let’s do it.