New Earth One is a network dedicated to You, and all New Earth Leaders


New Earth is a place founded on Love, Respect for All, Consideration, Compassion, Caring about others, and doing all things from that foundation of Love.  This means everything is up for grabs.  At this time, when the entire world is focused on the same thing, the coronavirus, we have a beautiful opportunity to consciously evolve the planet.  When triggered by fear, take a breath to be aware and go inside where you follow the thread to the origin of the fear. Sit with it and feel it. As you breathe, you will feel it dissolve as the Pure Essence of who you are reveals to you that All is Well.

When we are in judgement of others, do this as well and release the judgement.  Go within, sit with it and feel it. Breathe. Feel your Soul Essence.  Breathe it in.  You are Love.  You are Great Love. Now Express it.