The Boost We All Need! The Empowerment of Spiritual Immunity

with Aileta Grace

Coming March 3rd

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Join Aileta Grace as she talks Spiritual Immunity

Aileta Grace Talks Spiritual Immunity.  What is it and how we can boost our energy, our resilience and our life experiences.

What is the spiritual identity, and how are our connections to nature, earth, and the dimensions we access  in the dream state and in our daily lives?

How do these dimensions and deep understandings  create pathways to never ending spiritual strength, gifts and power.  Lets ask the masters , how does the  eternal and sustainable power of our unique access to the source of all  that bolsters  spiritual immunity?  Can we get stronger energetically, physically and become more youthful?  We will cover this and more! PLease join us for this discussion  about purposefully building and sustaining our spiritual immunity.

Special Offer:  Personal Channeling Sessions with Rainbow Body

Offer 1: Personal Channeling Session with Aileta Grace

45-60 minute one-on-one zoom session

Offer 1: Personal Channeling Session with Aileta Grace


2 Payment Option Available

45-60 minute Channeling session with Aileta Grace

A one hour session with Aileta Grace can be very surprising! At the very least three beings from the divine realms show up for you who are devoted to you growth. Aileta Grace channels from the divine realms of angels, galactic beings, extraterrestrial family members , nature spirits and ascended masters. From time to time , when the energies are aligned, a very particular spirit guide who is personally working with you presents much love and the gift of fine tuning your connection and communication abilities with them.

Offer 2: Rainbow Body Intensive Session

(90 Minutes)

Offer 2: Rainbow Body Intensive Session


2 Payment Option Available

90 minute session – recorded

The Rainbow Body Intensive is a session for anyone who wishes to experience the highest available frequencies of their higher self EMBODIED, and as Ascended Master Dwal Khul describes “flipped inside out.”

He is the primary healer that brings through the energies for you with a guided exercise that assists you in the divine integration of unique and individuated frequencies of color and light.

Offer 3: Two Mastery Empowerment Courses

PLUS your choice of Option 1 or 2

Offer 3: Two Mastery Empowerment Courses PLUS your choice of Option 1 or 2


2 Payment Option Available

Item 1: choice of Options 1 or 2

Item 2: Mastery Empowerment Course:
New Earth Principles in Divine Communication from the Masters

3 Sessions recorded

A Message from Aileta Grace:

The moment we were born to this embodiment we became a channel of ALL that is. Breathing into that simple and undeniable TRUTH is a release of patterns that block the blessings of divine communion which is a birthright. Reunion, endless support and Infinite LOVE are what we experience when we have been divinely guided through our ability to connect through channeling.

The wonder of our innate abilities which are growing exponentially at hyperactively infinite rates fueled by newly activated encoded light, and the resulting awakenings of our collective willingness to receive that light, have greatly enhanced our capacities to effortlessly RE-connect with and establish ongoing clear contact with our beloveds throughout multiversal time and space.

Join us in this brilliantly delicious limitless NOW unfolding and we will have some fun!

New Earth Principles in Divine Communication from the Masters with Aileta Grace

Let’s Channel!!

  • DOUBT: How do I know?
  • EGO: Where do I go?
  • WHY? Is this really going to help anyone?
  • WHY DON’ T I HEAR THE WORDS? And yet I feel the thoughts, see the shapes, hear the sound, sense the music and light patterns unfolding all around.

Join Aileta Grace and Lauren Galey as we present A Master Class on Channeling. A two-day event Dates and times (insert Here)

Along with new theory and practice, with the help of all our beloved guides and team members, we will cover some of the basics as well as and new earth and evolving principles.

Day 1: Expect gifts, new insights and practical tools to advance what is already available to us… Communication. And yes – the channeling class will be channeled in part (naturally). Receive an activation to manifest your unique communication pyramid aligning with your higher self, Gaia’s crystal core and your beloveds that will be telepathically connecting with you to “chat.” Primary Teachers on deck will be Venusian Council of Light and Sanat Kumara, Ascended Master Djwal Khul, Adamus (formerly known as Frank Alper), The Wisdom Keeper /Shaman Nestor of the Great Plains of North America… and more surprise guests who will joining us for a lighthearted adventure.

Day 2: We will share, check in and receive some tips from our divine team members. We will also discuss self-care and how these beautiful frequencies integrate with our divine embodiment to support our health, fine tune our light body for ascension, and promote joy, strength and confidence in our body, mind and spirit.
Purchase Mastery Empowerment Course: Channeling Class with Aileta Grace: $97 – click here

Item 3: Mastery Empowerment Course: Breakthrough 2020 with Aileta Grace

2 Sessions Recorded (total 4 hours)

Can an upcoming year have a frequency, or a divine purpose? If it does — can we access, activate and possibly match our very own divine purpose for new earth to that vibration in time and space?

Join Aileta Grace for what will be a two session exchange to welcome what we are being told are the magical energies of the new year unfolding : 2020. The energies of 2020 will be majestic, inspirational and rich with divine communication between all of the realms of higher consciousness. The 2020 pathways that serve OUR growth, OUR truth, and OUR solemn vows to honor ourselves as Masters on the path to higher and higher levels of consciousness, will be revealed to us.

This master reunion class will be channeled and lead by various teachers from the dimensions who will offer celestial level assistance and state the case for joy moving forward. Beyond the advanced portals of the awakening lie the depths of a great adventure. If you have yet to enter the realm of innocent play with the creative energies now syncing with the ascension frequencies, there will be guides here to bring about the fun,joy and innocent play you have earned.

Ascended Master Djwal Khul will preside with a noteworthy message about what to expect in 2020. Others chiming in with all of you will be :

  • Beings of the Telos and Inner Earth Collective
  • Venusian Council of Light
  • Archangel Metatron and Friends
  • Dolphin Beings of Sirius
  • Adamus (formerly known as Frank Alper )
  • White Eagle
  • Saint Germain
  • …and surprise beings who crash the party

Offer 4: Rose Quartz: Love for Self with Aileta Grace

Two 1 hour Sessions

Offer 4: Rose Quartz: Love for Self with Aileta Grace


2 Payment Option Available

Rose Quartz: Love for Self

Two one-hour sessions that occur on two consecutive days designed for anyone who is exhausted and feeling uneasy. Where do you find yourself on your soul’s journey? Wherever that is you may gain invaluable insights from a conversation with Aileta Grace.

Drawing from celestial guidance and the wisdom of your guides this 2-day consultation is designed to assist you to navigate difficult circumstances or simply offer the guidance and clarity you seek regarding your life path. Let us bath in the light of the rose quartz whose properties heal the heart and reawakens trust.

Offer 5: Moldavite: Transformation and Rapid Spiritual Evolution

Three Consecutive months of Sessions (four hours)

Offer 5: Moldavite: Transformation and Rapid Spiritual Evolution


2 Payment Option Available

Moldavite: Transformation and Rapid Spiritual Evolution

Three consecutive months of sessions (four hours ) designed specifically for the New Earth One and Quantum Conversation Community. While moldavite is known to be a powerful “Kick ass” kind of “force multiplier” stone, we use its loving power here to bring us unabashed and fearless transmutation to the highest possible expression of us, illuminating our experiences with the ability to enter the lighter dimensions and create timelines previously unimagined. Utilizing the Rainbow Body Activation as a threshold to deeper possibilities and understanding of your true divinity brings you closer to YOU!

Three sessions are the perfect fit to jumpstart a quantum unfoldment so that you can experience progress, perspective, innovative visions, creations, and new life force into your spiritual awareness.

  • Session one: connection to guides and identifying areas of growth and enfolding.
  • Session two: the Rainbow Body Activation Intensive with Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, your Higher Self and team.
  • Session three: follow up questions answered and further ideas and methods of integration.

About Aileta Grace

Aileta Grace is the Higher Self of Deborah Reyes, a retired attorney who is focused on Divine Law and creating awareness, peace and harmony for all humanity and Gaia. As conscious” walk in” she remembers her origins in the Orion star system, Atlantis, and the galactic heritage she shares with many. Encoded in her frequency is the knowledge that she incarnated specifically to assist in the release of war trauma from Gaia. Deborah has been channeling as Aileta Grace for several decades and she works with the spiritual guides of many to share advice on stepping into personal power and the Ascension process with new metaphysical tools and resources.

She has been an open channel from the age of 5 and speaks directly with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactic Beings, and Planetary logos. From her many years of experience as a “divine lawyer ” she sees into the frequencies of manifesting new earth solutions and templates that contain the codes to bring humanity into the divine graduated states of perfection and LOVE. Aileta hopes to be a bridge by presenting opportunities for people to transform and unify with their highest aspects, abilities and purpose. Deborah has served in many capacities in both public and private sectors, and in her humanitarian and consulting work overseas she shares her heart for the universal continuum of spiritual and quantum growth so we can return to the glory of heaven in all of its loving splendor. In her work with youth and families who have been traumatized by violence, abuse, or who are simply stuck in the energy of conflict , she provides mediation, restorative energy and life coaching services from a quantum perspective so that people can create their own empowered place from which to resolve matters for the highest and best outcomes outside of third density norms.

Aileta hopes to be a helper to bring into our realms of reality greater understanding of the universal spiritual “laws” that apply to the 5th Dimensional Earth to enhance our ability to grow and serve humanity in newer ways, with greater compassion, empathy, self and universal love.