The New Renaissance, from Dark to Light and the Importance of Tending to Your Essence

with Audrey Light Language

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In this powerful episode Audrey…

  • will share through the languages of Light and the Language of the Akash and the sacred key code number language codes to help you release the old and be upgraded to the new higher octave frequencies to be in resonance with the new platforms available in the highest of frequencies.

  • will  bring in  for you to feel  The MOTHER , that is the Womb of Creation to wrap you in the energy and field of The Mother.  The Mother is the Mother  of all things  as she is the primordial plasmic first point the womb from which all  emanates from and received the gift of consciousness and life .

  • will channel the Beings of Light to speak with all of you and deliver a message of empowerment and expanded awareness . Many of her clients world wide have felt their energy when speaking and sharing with them in a session.

Join Audrey Light Language for a New  Series

Join us for a brand new series called The NOW Show. It’s all about The NOW and it’s all about The Heart.

These are very important unprecedented times.  Do you understand how very important you are?

It is time to unite the light houses to support the changes that to so many will be a complete surprise. We have been in the mists of a storm and now will be the fallout from which to help support and build the new.  We have written in the old book of life and now it is time for it to be sealed.  As the plug is pulled on the experiment of duality and polarity and density and we get in resonance with the new to write in the new book of life it is time to tend to your essence, your true beingness.    As you stand in your sovereignty and Divine birthright as an embodiment, a spark of the Divine making the unmanifest manifested we are here taking part in the greatest story ever told. Audrey through morphogenetics, linguistic wave genetics tonalities of vibration of frequency helps return you to your natural balance

Special Offer:  Accessing the Opportunities and Gifts of the New

Option 1: 60 minute Live Session with Audrey Light Language

You will receive  in the 60 min live personal session the languages of light and  also the language of the Akash that is not a reading but a clearing and rewrite of the Akash . You will be working on not only your Gaian lives but your multidimensional  and galactic aspects as well  through Audrey’s work clearing thousands of lives aspects in a single  session.  What would have taken lifetimes and years of sessions with other means cleared in a session . Also as you receive the DNA upgrades you also assist your generational lines in both directions as well .

60 Minute Live Session


2 Payment Option Available

Option 1: 90 minute live session with Audrey Light Language

You will receive in the 90 min live personal session all of the above but  also includes your personal list of sacred key numerical codes that as you write them works to upgrade you and heal  you on all of your multiple bodies.  Through this addition to the personal session you come away with a tool of the numbers to apply the energy they hold in your own life and keep your space in a high vibration as the numbers hold the highest light.

90 Minute Live Session


2 Payment Option Available

Both sessions will include getting to speak with the Beings of light as well as Audreys bringing in the MOTHER for you to immerse you in the great healing of the womb of the Mother.  

What People Have To Say About Audrey

Audrey’s Light Language transmissions are of the highest Elohim vibration, the language of the Akasha, which is recreational sequences of sound and light. I wholeheartedly endorse Audrey’s work as a ‘healer of the healers’, helping us all be all that we can be and more. The two sessions I have had with Audrey have supported the changes I am experiencing as I open to new energy frequencies and a new path of purpose.  Audrey works with the Akasha, the sacred records of God mind and all that is. She is exquisitely guided by Spirit to assist those fortunate enough to experience her work.

Judy Satori, international healer, teacher, author, and channel of light

Audrey’s sessions are one of the best I have ever felt. Her connection and channel is of the Divine Grace energies from the Great central sun, it awakens the DNA and RNA codes in the physical and clears out and balances the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies so we can activate the crystalline bodies and original DNA DIVINE blueprint for our ascension here and now in this physical realm of earth.The Crystalline light bodies have not been activated in humans for many thousands of years and this has kept you living in lack and separation and repeating patterns of karma lifetime after lifetime. But with the expansion of the Universe and the recent planetary and galactic alignments this has  changed the way we are doing things here… The light language is not to be understood by the mental mind it is to be felt with the heart and bring you back to remembrance of who you are.. You are love and You divine, One with all that is.

Candie, angel communicator, energy worker, light language speaker

A true warrior spirit and carrier of sentient language codes, Audrey Light Language pierces through the veil between this work and the spirit-rich Akasha with tones, syllables, and numbers alive with healing and awareness. Truth frequencies wash through the physical, guiding you through levels of healing and clearing pathways for deep integration and joy. Prepare to meet yourself in a space of sacred union with self.

Maryann Rada, author, Pleadian channel, healer

My name is Sarah Kent and I am a quantum energy healer & intuitive from Calgary, AB, Canada. I have the abilities to see energies, dimensions, frequencies, their colors, purity & quality levels, etc. I have just had a session with Audrey very recently and I have to say that the level of purity and power of what she does is extremely high! Although I could not understand the languages per se (although one of them I seemed to recognize quite well on a different dimensional level), I could tell when the messages were direct messages for me, when they were healing chants, when they were energetically male or female dominant, their color, I could also hear them in multiples as they were trying to speak at the same time (multidimensionally), which Audrey later confirmed to me. I could also feel my crystalline structure of my physical body changing as the session was going on to the point where my spirit felt like it was wiggling back into the body and making itself comfortable again….. there was a definite energetic expansion that went on in that moment :) This session also helped me very much with a pain of a pulled muscle between my shoulder blades which happened approximately 1 hour prior to my session. It was healing very quickly and I was able to move throughout the day with ease, where in previous such situations it would take me about 3 days to get to a more tolerable pain range. It was a fantastic experience over all…. thank you Audrey….. you are a sunshine :) :)

Sarah K, energy healer/intuitive

I felt so alone… I have been teaching all my life and surrounded by many people, also those who call themselves “spiritual” but…. most of them were unfortunately still sleeping … Deeply! There is nothing one can do about it except let go! So I was in a spot that we can call Sunyata, emptiness! … In that moment Audrey was standing front of me, holding my hands and speaking… Light language… It was so beautiful… A moment of the Moments… The Most Purest Highest Words I ever experienced from Someone who speaks the Light language …. Time stopped! Intuitively I knew that … I was answered! Divine celebration in Heavenly Realms Reunion…. I was contacted “From Home”! This feeling never changed from that day in March 2012. It is getting stronger and stronger … profound Peace within, Trust, Happiness, Gratefulness!

Since that time, I know everything has been taken care of… Only we, specifically females, have to BE in our Heart….. To be aligned with the qualities of the Heart!

When I had the chance to meet again with Audrey… It was a beautiful, very Sacred moment … As soon as She started to channel I felt a star-like tingling in the area of the third eye… On the top of and back of my head…. I felt serene, deep respect about what was happening! “Our Divine Family” is with Us in this time of Ascension, and they do their part well…. We can do Our part … Being in Heart, and letting go of all duality and Illusions! Once, when the Guides spoke through Audrey directly … I was silently crying from Joy…. This was the situation I had been subconsciously waiting for all my life! The Divine Beings had a very personal message that moved my Heart…. And when they left … I saw a flash of bright light in my Heart, they left…. into me …. The Dimensional Doorway is inside of us! Love that! They are always with Us!

Dear Audrey, You are Pure Heart… Alchemist… Everything You touch turns to “Gold,” transforms! The Female/Goddess-like qualities like those You have are so precious! Holding vision to all who are ready and willing to grow beyond can experience Your Gifts! Thank You and Our Divine Family. You all are in Heart, sharing the Breath of Creation in Oneness. Love, Sirve

Sirve M, energy healer/intuitive

About Audrey Light Language

Audrey Light Language Spiritual Architect and Energy Engineer Speaks the Languages of Light and the Akash She is a Divine Channel and she is celebrated as a healer to the healers She is from time before time and the first wave of creation. Audrey works with clients across the states and around the world her work provides healing on a multiple of levels, releasing old energy that entangles one and keeps them tied into the matrix and part of the old system. Audrey works on your etheric, physical, mental and emotional bodies and also releases old generational ancestral energetic ties as well as childhood issues This work is also done on subconscious and unconscious levels, The work is done on the other aspects of self (past lives) as well as the Galactic and dimensional aspects of self for a total healing and releasing and then down loaded upgrades for your system. Audrey also channels Sacred Key Numerical codes that work on your DNA All extremely powerful healing and activation that occur on a multiple of levels. Audrey also channels the beings of Light that come to speak with us and The Mother that comes to hold us in the Womb of creation. Audrey has many messages she has received through automatic writing she shares on YouTube. This work helps you to become an Architect of your own designs no longer at the hands of others agendas. This work helps to empower you and helps you to take back and stand in your power Divine birthright and sovereignty.

60 Minute Live Session


2 Payment Option Available

90 Minute Live Session


2 Payment Option Available