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Ozone was first used in medicine in 1856 to disinfect operating rooms and surgical instruments. Since then it has been used and studied in many forms and medical applications. The first person to produce ozonated oils was none other than Nikola Tesla. In 1900 he began to market an ozonated olive oil to medical doctors. Ozonated oils have broad medical applications and are widely used throughout Europe, Japan, South Africa, and Cuba. The products are used in the USA and Canada but to a much lesser extent due to bad publicity by the FDA and various medical organizations. Ozone cannot be patented and thus is a threat to the established medical system.


Ozonated oils are produced when ozone is bubbled through plant oils. The electrically charged oxygen molecules produced by the ozone generator saturate the plant oils and cause natural chemical reactions that alter the molecular bonds of the plant oils. The ozone breaks the double bonds found at the ends of the molecular chains of the Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids and causes the formation of ozonides which are ring shaped structures. The more fatty acids that are in an oil, the more ozonides are produced — the more ozonides that are produced, the more beneficial the oil.

This process is duplicated in nature. Electrically charged particles emitted by the sun also temporarily attach to the oxygen molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere via intense coiled electromagnetic dynamics. The vortexed electrically charged particles dispersing from the Earth’s oxygen molecules are crucial components of weather patterns, lightning, tornados, hurricanes and plant growth.


So with a number of ozonated oil products on the market, what is so remarkable about plant oils that have been transformed by the Tri- Vortex Technology protocol?

Normally an ozone generator is connected to an ordinary 110V wall plug that supplies chaotic electricity at 50 or 60 cycles per second.

Plant oils transformed by a chaotic 50/60Hz electric power source have a high viscosity or thickness. These oils are extremely slow to absorb into the skin. Plant oils transformed by a 50/60Hz electric power source also have very pungent smells.


All other ozone oil manufacturers use an oxygen concentrator to pump the gas through an ozone generator. The large bubbles of oxygen are a very inefficient method of delivering the ozone into the oils. The ozone discharging off the oxygen causes the oil to burn thus creating a very pungent smell and a thick consistency or viscosity.

Tri-Vortex Technology eliminated the oxygen concentrator by utilizing normal atmospheric air pumped through the one-of-a-kind Oxygen Ion Amplifier (I-O Amp). Instead of large oxygen bubbles carrying the ozone into the oils, extremely small oxygen ions breakdown the ozone into miniscule particles that completely absorb and remain in the oil. The small particles of ozone generate a slow transformation that does not burn the oil thus creating a pleasant smell and thin consistency and viscosity that immediately absorbs into the skin

Legal Disclaimer: Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health  claims for these products have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA approved these products to   diagnose, cure, or  prevent disease. Consult your health care practitioner about the use of ozone and ozonated oil products in your particular situation.


During the last week of July 2014 I felt a pain in my right elbow after working in an old garage. The next day I noticed that the skin on my elbow was flabby and the entire area was extremely tender. Over the next 24 hours the entire arm and hand swelled to three times its normal size and a round piece of necrotic (dead) skin peeled off my elbow.

I had been bitten by a Brown Recluse spider. I had an intense hematoma (bruise) encompassing over 1/3 the circumference of my arm from the lower ulna bone near the wrist (arm bone on the same side as the pinkie finger of the hand) to my armpit area. The dark area appeared as if an artist painted on a purple and black racing stripe. The entire area was extremely tender.

These hematomas often degenerate into necrotic dead tissue that will slough off and frequently require extensive surgical intervention. Obviously…time to take action before my arm and hand disintegrated into a pile of oozing mushy dead cells that might have to be surgically removed…

That night I wrapped the arm and hand with an activated charcoal poultice. By morning there was no improvement to the affected areas and the swelling was increasing.

The next evening I applied a layer of hydrosol silver liquid spray and then a layer of hydrosol silver gel and then a thin layer of ozonated hemp oil all of which had been treated in the Tri-Vortex Technology Treatment Chamber. I wrapped the entire arm in surgical gauze that allowed room air to interact with the ozonated oil. There was no change in the condition when I removed the gauze four hours later.

On Tuesday evening I thought my arm was going to erupt like a volcano due to the intense swelling. The only answer traditional medicine has to counter this condition is to make small incisions into the inflammation with a scalpel to relieve the pressure. At this point, my wife Linda, a licensed veterinarian, was urging me to go to the emergency room of a traditional medical hospital.

Nope…Not Yet

At 11pm I applied a layer of hydrosol silver liquid spray and then a layer of hydrosol silver gel and then a thin layer of ozonated  hemp oil. However, I wanted to go to sleep — so rather than wrap the swollen arm and hand with surgical gauze, I encapsulated the arm with cling-wrap to prevent the very messy ozonated hemp oil from staining the bed sheets. I inserted a rectal ozonated oil suppository and was asleep by 11:30pm.

At 12:30am the area of the hematoma began to first itch and then feel like my arm was being lightly roasted over a campfire. I have never had such an intense sharp tingling pain in my life. Finally the pain subsided. At 3am I took off the cling-wrap. When I looked at my arm I thought that I was in the middle of a surreal dream.

I woke Linda and asked her to look at my arm.

When Brian said I needed to look at his arm, his voice had a note of urgency‐ I assumed I was going to see an huge necrotic hole similar to those from venomous bites I have treated over the years in animals. Before fully waking I somewhat sarcastically asked him if he was now willing to go see a ‘real’ doctor. I opened my eyes to look at an arm that was radically improved‐ all of the hematoma had resolved and the skin was just a slighlty brighter pink than normal. A significant portion of the swelling had resolved as well. Had I not been present for this entire scenario and seen it firsthand, I would never have believed the amazing recovery of his tissue. ~Linda A. Boone, DVM

The hematoma was totally gone and my skin was a healthy pink with the swelling reduced by at least 75 percent! – A fourhour heal job!

The next day a small area of little pustules that are classic symptoms of a Brown Recluse bite emerged but disappeared within 24 hours after applying the silver liquid-gel/ozonated oil mixture enclosed by the cling-wrap. As the rest of the swelling resolved, a watery pocket or hygroma at the site of the spider bite enveloped my elbow for days with no change. These hygromas can remain for months or years or even be permanent. The watery pocket on my elbow disappeared after three additional applications and the elbow is now totally normal.

After contacting numerous ozonated oil retailers and manufacturers, I discovered my cling-wrap protocol is as unique as it is effective and can be applied by both the layman and any health care professional.


In the fall of 2014, I was witness to another amazing transformation. In mid-September of 2014, a 36-year-old female triathlete was ranked 47th in the world – based on her recorded running, swimming, and biking practice times. By late October of 2014, her recorded practice times ranked 4th in world. How did this rapid improvement happen?

In mid-September of 2014 she received the Tri-Vortex-Technology cling wrap protocol being wrapped in Tri-Vortex Technology treated silver hydrosol liquid and gel and Ozonated Hemp Oil from her waist to her toes. The surface applications were wrapped in two layers of thin cling-wrap for six hours. She also received sessions on the Tri- Vortex Technology Stem Cell Stimulator (see for more information on the Stem Cell Stimulator).

Tri-Vortex Technology Transformed Plant Oils

In both my personal experience with the spider bite and the athlete’s dramatic improvement, the oils that were used were traditionally produced ozonated oils that had been treated in the Tri-Vortex Technology Treatment Chamber. After these two amazing experiences with ozonated oils, I decided to produce my own line of oils, not treated in the Chamber, but actually created with unique Tri- Vortex Technology frequencies specifically designed for transforming plant oils.

The first batch of Tri-Vortex Technology Transformed Plant Oils (TP0s) Olive & Coconut blend, was produced in December 2014. Numerous samples have been distributed and the feedback has been extremely positive. People have used the product for such varied applications as a facial moisturizer, resolution of skin growths, eczema, relief of plantar fasciitis, hemorrhoids, general muscle and joint soreness, cuts, mold toxicity, sore throat, gingivitis, and acute cellulitis. a photo-study of the fast healing cellulitis is posted at

Due to the positive response to the samples, Tri-Vortex Technology launched the first transformed oils – olive & coconut. The TPOs were made from an exclusive and superior non-froth process that slowly introduces the ozone into the molecules versus the normal rapid injection that causes frothing.

The Tri-Vortex Technology protocol does not directly use a normal electric wall plug to power the ozone generator. A computer pulses coherent frequencies between 2,500 to 5,000 cycles per second that are significantly increased by an amplifier. The Tri-Vortex Technology amplified coherent energies are then pulsed through the coronal discharge that creates the ozone.

At room temperature, the plant oils fully ozonated by the coherent Tri- Vortex Technology 2,500 to 5,000 Hertz electric power source have comparable viscosity to their chaotic electricity produced counterparts. However, once applied to the skin, the Tri-Vortex Technology transformed plant oils have a much lower viscosity or thickness and absorb much more readily. Rapid absorption results in more active product reaching the target tissue. Our oils have significantly less smell. Less odor means the products are exceedingly more pleasant to use.

Why are Tri-Vortex Technology Totally Ozone Oils Blended?

Transformed plant oils with higher numbers of Omega fatty acids have slower absorption rates into the skin and are very sticky and messy. The transformed plant oils with lower numbers of Omega fatty acids are absorbed into the skin much easier and faster. By utilizing a proprietary method to combine the proper proportions of oils, Tri- Vortex Technology has created blends of transformed oils with superior absorbency resulting in more therapeutic ozonides reaching the target tissue.


Manufacturing the TPOs were suspended in 2016 due to fire and ozone poisoning hazards. My inventing the I-O Amp eliminated the fire and ozone hazards so a new version was launched in March of 2019 with a name change to Totally Ozone Oils or TOO! that features a 2oz pump bottle. TOO! has immediate absorption into the skin.

Tri-Vortex Technology is the only manufacturer to use a proprietary method to blend plant oils and then transform them with ozone produced by a high frequency power source and then the ozone is broken down, balanced and energized by the I-O Amp.

The proprietary process and the unique TOO! have no competitors by either any manufacturer of ozone oils or cream-based products.


Tri-Vortex is committed to giving the patron of TOO! full information so they can apply TOO! in the most effective yet financially affordable manner possible. Proper application gives the patron the biggest bang for their buck while also experiencing all the benefits of TOO!

After extensive testing and market evaluation, Tri-Vortex discovered that just one pump from the bottle of TOO! is adequate for one body part such as the entire face or a joint area.


Yes, just one goes a long way

More than one pump is necessary when implementing the Cling- Wrap Protocol on a larger body part such as the entire leg calf and shin bone area.

One of the most exciting aspects of TOO! is experimentation by the patrons of TOO! We look forward to communicating your benefits.

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