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Tri Vortex Infrared Bulb (2)


Simultaneous Application

While applying the TIBs with the basic protocol, the NOL is applied directly to the rash or ulcer area.

When completing the basic TIB protocol, the TIBs are also applied to the rash or ulcer area.

Gut Support

Negative bacteria free and magnesium/Iodine saturated intestines and colon is crucial to releasing any skin condition.

To achieve the task of thoroughly cleansing the intestines and colon of negative bacteria, the follow simple yet effective protocol is recommended.

  1. Pour 2 ounces of aloe vera juice into small glass
  2. Pour 2 ounces of Silver Hydrosol into same glass
  3. Drink before breakfast and dinner.
  4. Take one capsule of room temperature probiotics at bedtime


NOA, NOL & TIB Gut Cleanse

Apply the NOA, NOA & TIBs separately or simultaneously to the large and small intestine and colon (between navel and pubic bone) for five to 45 minutes. The NOA and NOL are excellent modalities for maintaining appropriate magnesium levels in the digestive system. The NOA unit can be placed on any portion of the digestive system while lounging or sleeping.

The Tri-Vortex Technology Skin and Dermatology Protocols featuring the NOA, NOL and TIB are designed to be as simple as possible yet provide important gut and digestive health when addressing any kind of skin issue.

To Your Gut and Skin Health

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