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Jewels created Infynite Gold, Organic Skincare products, as a delivery system for elements and frequencies specifically selected to bring about this expansion. Jewels developed the Ascension Gateway Products to hold the frequencies that support those on the journey of Creating the New Earth. Infynite Gold is not only a miraculously effective youthening skincare line, it also utilizes the potent Consciousness of ORMUS Elements and the dimensionally transcendent power of Scalar Energy. Synergistically they activate the Divinity Codes within the DNA. Once the DNA is activated, the Awakening Process is advanced, which makes it infinitely possible to Ascend beyond the limitations of the mind, 3d programming, and the illusions of physical reality.

Jewels brings High-Frequency Skincare to YOU today for the first time in Telesummit History! Find out what it means to youthen aging by accelerating Ascension with Infynite Gold Ascension Gateway Products. Consciously Created for the Mind Body and Spirit, this is skincare of the future, now!

The Gift Elixir Set: 3 Atomic Sphere Activating Your Unity Code

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Everything in Offer 1 Plus Personal Unity Code Kit

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Offer 1 Includes:


Ascension Daily Practice

ORMUS Gold Unity Code Awakening Elixir: Limited Edition $99

Directions: Apply 2 to 3 drops on your wrist or pulse points stating your intention aloud twice daily until bottle is empty along with the Unity Code Activation

Ingredients: ORMUS Elements, Nano Gold, Frequencies downloaded from the Council of Light with the purpose of Awakening.

This ORMUS GOLD Elixir holds the frequency of the Sacred Code Awakening Activation that activates the dormant code in your DNA.

Unity Code 24kt Gold Toning Mist with 7 element crystal inside $65: Ingredients: ORMUS, Rose Water, Nano Gold, Essential oil of Rose, Jasmine and Orange, Scalar imprint of HGH, repaired DNA, telomeres, peptides, HGH, and the Unity Code Activation.

Directions: Apply toner to clean dry face morning and night before using the Face Lift. Apply throughout the day for a radiant glow all day long! After spraying the Toner take a moment to feel your Sacred Code Activating. The more we acknowledge it is happening the more we will awaken to the gifts it holds.

-The Gift perfume oil (frequency of Self Love as your Unity Code Awakens) $155

-Recording of the Unity Code Activation$125  This is a download from the Council of Light and will activate the 3 atomic spheres along with your Unity Code!

-The Gift Crystal Ball:  This enhanced the Unity Code Awakening Crystal Ball Brings you to Higher States of Consciousness.  Gaze into the Ball while you listen to the Reccored Activation to enhance the Awakening of your Code of Origin $175


Recording of the Scared Code Activation:  Absorbed the 3 atomic signals of the Stargate and your Sacred Code will awakening.  The Pleiades present this Key to physical creation of the NEW Human.  The beginning of Eternal Life.  You are the Children of Light and it is time to light your flame.

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Offer 2 Includes:

-PERSONAL Unity Code! We will download the frequency of your full name into the Crystal ball while activating your Code of Origin. You will receive a Personal Light Language Code that is downloaded from the Council of Light for your specific awakening.  This is a sacred code you can use during the recorded Activation. $150

-The Gift Advanced Anti Aging Unity Code 24kt Gold Serum $155

This Advanced Anti-Aging Serum combines six powerful additives to bring you a powerful anti-aging complex and long-lasting results in just days. Vanish and reduce the look of existing fine lines and wrinkles, repair the skin on a cellular level, slow future signs of aging, support natural collagen production, reduce age spots, redness, and puffiness. Your skin will look refreshed, youthful, and vibrant. Holding the Energetic Imprints of The Unity Code Activation, DNA Activation, repaired DNA & Telomeres, HGH, Peptides, stem cells, colon and liver support, collagen repair and production, longevity & Advanced Cellular Upgrades.

Directions: Apply a small amount to face and neck after the Toning Mist and before your Moisturizer morning and night.  Ingredients: Barbadensis, Ormus gel, Persea Americana, Bramble Berry, Stearin acid, Ceraminds, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Q-max coenzyme Acetyl, Cetyl Alcohol, vitamin B-3, Nano Gold, EDF, Liquid crystal, Amino acids, Dismutase, palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, methionine sulfoxide reductase, Ferutic acid, Nano Gold, Copper peptides, rosa, citrus, chamaemelum nobile, Scalar Imprints of Repaired DNA & RNA, Cell regeneration, Vitality, Cellular upgrade, DNA activation.

-The Gift Glow 24kt Gold Luxury Moisturizer $155

Holding the Frequencies of the Unity Code Activation the ‘Glow’ 24k Luxury Cream is infused with 3 particle sizes Nano Gold.  The first brings repair and restorative properties to the basal level of the skin allowing anti-aging Ormus Elements to partially reverse signs of aging.  Then 2 additional gold particles are added to create a ‘GLOW’ on the skin. This cutting-edge cream is formulated with ingredients that work together synergistically to provide ultimate results and address all your skincare needs. The pure 24k Gold absorbs right into your skin, leaving your skin naturally glowing and radiant.  Directions:  Apply a small amount to face, neck, and decollete after applying the Rose Gold Toner. Ingredients: Simmondsia Chinensis, Persia Gratissima Gaertn, Ormus Elements, 24k Nano Gold, Liquid Crystal, Copper Peptides, jasminum Officinale, lavandula Angustifolia, Rosa Damascena,

Chamaemelum Nobile, Stearic Acid, Neodefend, Energetic imprints of Repaired DNA, Telomeres, Adult Stem Cells & over 200 other frequencies.

-Recording of the Recorder Cell Activation:  This Activation Awakens the recorder cell that is connected to the Unity Code and Helps assist your code of origin to raise in frequency so you can step into unity consciousness with ease and grace. $100

-DNA Activator Facial Tool:  This Facial Tool is Downloaded with a DNA activation so when you are using it you are rejuvenating your cells to the next level of Human Evolution!  This is A Facial tool of the Future right NOW!  $99


Star of David Sterling Silver Crystal Necklace:  The Scalar Energy Sterling Silver Necklace holds the Frequencies of the Unity Code!  You will feel the support of the Universe every time you wear it! $125 Value!  You will radiate your Divine Light every time you wear it!! Need support throughout your day? Place your hand on the necklace and as for Divine Grace to flow through you. Feel it enter your Sacred Heart, take a deep breath, and know it is so.

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